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Youth group - Fundraising Ideas

Angel Bins has worked with countless youth group organizations across the nation raise much needed funds. Often, youth groups find themselves struggling to meet budget cuts from the parish they belong too. This causes a lot of youth groups to depend on traditional fundraising methods. Angel Bins is proud to offer a completely new, fun and easy way to fundraise for your cause.

Not only does hosting an Angel Bins Shoe drive fundraiser help you earn funds, it helps your youth group make a difference and give back to their communities. When you host an Angel Bins shoe drive fundraiser, you are giving someone the opportunity to walk in your shoes while also lessening your carbon footprint.

The money raised in an Angel Bins shoe drive typically goes towards retreat fundraising and extras for the youth group. When your youth group participates in an Angel Bins shoe drive, you are bringing your community together by encouraging them to come together for a greater cause. All the shoes collected from our fundraisers are exported to developing nations who repair and resell the shoes to their local communities.

To get started on your youth group fundraiser or receive more information, fill out our contact form here or call us at (213)-458-9896 Monday – Friday from 7 AM to 4 PM PST. Book your next shoe drive fundraiser today and start raising funds for your cause.

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