You’ve done your research on non-profit fundraiser ideas and have decided to host an Angel Bins shoe drive fundraiser or clothes drive fundraiser. GREAT! Here are some tips to find success during your fundraiser!

  • Offer incentives for groups that are helping you! A great example of that would be class competitions in your school classrooms. Offer a pizza party for the class that brings the most bags in! If you have multiple friends helping you, raise the ante and offer gift card for dinner or movies for the family that collects the most.
  • Make an announcement at your local schools, churches, libraries, etc. Tell them about your free and eco friendly fundraiser and how they can help your cause. Your community will rally around your fundraiser if you share your enthusiasm with them.
  • Make eye catching flyers and drop them off at your neighbors homes.
  • Pictures say a thousand words. Get creative. Take some pictures and share on social media.
  • Contact your local media to see if they will share your story.
  • Social Media can be a great outlet. Facebook, twitter, and Instagram are all great ways to keep your fundraiser in the eye of your friends and family.
  • Keep sharing until your fundraiser is complete. Your enthusiasm will rub off on others.

Regardless of whether you are hosting and adoption fundraiser, a school fundraiser, a fundraiser for your sports team, or church, your fundraiser is a community builder with a purpose. Have fun!