Did you know there are over 400,000 children in foster care in the United States and more than
60% of the children spend two to five years in the system before being adopted? Adoption is
more than taking on the responsibility of caring for a new child, you provide choices, chances,
and a large dose of hope! In addition, here are some adoption facts that might open up your eyes to this
beautiful new take on life…

  1. Adoptive parents are usually in their 30s to mid 40s
  2. – On average, couples in their 30s to mid 40s fall into the adoptive parent’s
    category and single adoptive parents are often women in their 40s.
    – In most cases, adoptions take place after a couple years of their infertility.
    – Adoptive parents in their 30s to mid 40s are excellent candidates because they
    are financially stable and can provide all the love, support, and resources a child
    deserves and needs.

  3. Adults can be adopted too
  4. – Children are not the only people who can be adopted, in fact in most states,
    adults 18 years and older may also be legally adopted.

  5. Adoption Laws Vary by State
  6. – Even though there are basic adoption rules and requirements that are the same
    in every state, many adoption laws vary by state.

  7. Birth Parents Have the Most Control Over an Adoption
  8. -Birth parents can choose the adoptive family, decide how the hospital stay will
    go, and can possibly decide whether the adoption will be open or closed in most

  9. Adopted Children Are Your Children

– In most cases, some parents may worry about the adoptive child not feeling like
their own.

– Adoptive parents have a special kind of love to offer their adoptive child, they
provide a new life, a new home, and a new meaning to the word family.

Now That You Know…

Adoptions are increasing in numbers every year, therefor this means a new start to not only the
adoptive parents but more important to the children who see a new meaning to family
and a home of their own. Lastly, it’s important to gain knowledge on the topic, in case if you
yourself have ever thought about adopting the more you know then the surer you will
feel if this decision is right for you.