If you’re collecting shoes for fundraising (or getting ready to hold a shoe drive), you’re probably looking for shoe fundraiser ideas. Check out our website for plenty of those. But right now, let’s talk quality. Of course, you plan to collect quality shoes, but why does that matter so much?  Consider that for a minute. Imagine living in a world where you make less than $2 a day to feed and care for your family…If you had to choose between providing them with decent shoes or putting food in their tummies, the choice would be an easy one. Of course, you’d have to feed your family! It’s also clear, though, that they need decent shoes to protect their feet and themselves from diseases that can be picked up from walking barefoot in unsanitary and unsafe areas.  That’s why we do what we do, just as it’s why you’re putting together a shoe drive. To help others not have to make such tough decisions. We all want them to be able to have food and shoes for their families, just as we are so fortunate to have! But any shoes are better than no shoes at all…right?  Not really. Here are the reasons why collecting shoes for fundraising that are of good quality is so vital:

To Boost Local Economies

These shoes are often going to under-served countries where micro-entrepreneurs will repair and resell them to locals as a way to support their families. This is actually a huge benefit to the local economy, for both the entrepreneurs and locals. The shop owners are able to bring in some money from selling quality shoes, and the economy positively reflects this commerce-driven approach.   Life in a poverty-stricken country is difficult, and it’s even harder to break that cycle due to underfunded educational systems, lack of work opportunities and systemic poverty that’s ingrained in the culture. Any way to improve one’s situation is a ray of hope in what might otherwise be a dreary existence. One path that folks take to bring in income is selling merchandise that they know there is a need for locally—like shoes! And contrary to popular belief, donating shoes directly to these communities can do more harm than good. It can undercut local shops, rendering their goods unnecessary, damaging the economy, and harming more people than it helps. It’s a great idea in theory that, in practice, can have long-term negative impacts in the exact communities it was intended to help. Thus, it’s key to collect quality shoes that are worthy of being resold. This brings quality footwear into these under served communities at reasonable prices and encourages a healthy local economy.

To Provide Real Value to Those in Need

If you’re collecting shoes for fundraising and taking any and all shoes you can get, you’re going to end up with some dirty, torn, and otherwise ratty shoes in the mix. It’s key to weed those out before the next step in the process. Not only will unwearable shoes not help the local economies as we’ve discussed above, but they also wouldn’t help the locals who need them—even if you donated them directly.  Shoes that are so dirty or worn that you wouldn’t buy them or even dream of putting them on your little one’s feet likely aren’t going to help anyone else, either. Toss or recycle ‘em (if you can).  Shoes with holes, tears, or rips will not be accepted. Also keep in mind that high heels are not acceptable footwear in most of the communities we work with, so they will not be accepted either.

How a Shoe Drive Fundraiser with Angel Bins Works

Working with Angel Bins is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. You collect quality shoes (gently used or brand new) in your local community.
  2. Pack the shoes neatly, paired, in bags or boxes according to the detailed Angel Bins instructions provided to you.
  3. Call us to come to pick them up! We’ll arrange for a truck to pick them up on a date that works best for you—We arrange pick ups Monday through Friday, between the hours of 1 PM and 5 PM.

From there, Angel Bins sorts,washes and standardize the shoes and sends them to developing nations where they will truly benefit those in need.

Take Your Shoe Drive Fundraiser to the Next Level

If you’re ready to dive into “Fundraising with Sole”, let Angel Bins help. That’s our motto because we have the shoe fundraising ideas and tips for collecting shoes for fundraising plus the experience that you need in order to make your shoe drive a stomping success!