When you host a shoe drive fundraiser you will raise thousands of dollars for your charitable cause. At Angel Bins, we provide a no cost fundraising solution that makes sense.

During your shoe drive campaign simply get the word out to your friends, neighbors, and supporters to clean out their closets and donate their unwanted shoes in support of your fundraising efforts.

Angel Bins will weigh the shoes and pay your non profit per pound.

With nothing to buy and nothing to sell this is a great fundraiser!

And the ripple effect continues…

The shoes collected are sent to our Los Angeles Warehouse where they are processed to be shipped abroad. They are sent to countries in South America and Africa where there is a great need for low cost quality footwear. The shoes received create thousands of jobs for micro entrepreneurs who resell them as a means of supporting their families. It’s an amazing way to help so many people become self sufficient and get them out of the poverty trap to a brighter path.

1. Shoe drive fundraisers offer a great way to raise needed a funds.

2. Hosting a shoe drive fundraiser is good for your participants and supporters because there is nothing to buy and nothing to sell.

3. Shoe drive fundraisers are good for the planet because unwanted shoes are recycled and re used instead of being thrown in the trash.

4. Shoe Drive Fundraisers provide a source of quality footwear in countries with great need.

Shoe Drive fundraisers help impoverished people start and grow micro enterprise.

To host an Angel Bins shoe drive fundraiser call us at 888-924-1110 or visit us at https://angelbins.com.

Nobody “likes” fundraising, but it’s a necessary reality. Here are 3 tips to hosting one easy, no cost, successful shoe drive to meet your budget needs.

  1. GO BIG! -Go for it. Aim to make this “the big fundraiser”. Parents, teachers, and volunteers are very busy and multiple priorities so keep it simple. Set a goal as to how many pairs of shoes each participant should collect in order to meet your budget needs. (We can help you with this).
  2. TIMING MATTERS! -Schools do the best when they plan September and October fundraisers. There is a reason for this: Parents, volunteers, and supporters are “fresh” and excited about the prospects for the new school year. They have not experienced burn-out yet.—To prevent burn-out, NEVER plan multiple fundraisers in the same season. Do one and be done.
  3. GIVE ‘EM A HEADS UP! -Get a head start on promotion before your fundraiser starts. This can be done by including your fundraiser information and campaign timeline with the notification materials at the start of the school year, during your first PTA/PTO parent meetings, and posting the fundraiser on calendars. Be very specific when your shoe drive starts, when it ends, and where/when they will need to bring the shoes. We recommend a 4 week campaign. By letting your audience know the upcoming plans they will be prepared and your fundraiser will be successful.

With good planning, you shoe drive fundraiser will be the BEST fundraiser you have ever planned. Angel Bins fundraising coordinators have helped school and programs like yours generate over $1.8 million dollars! We love to help! Contact us to get started today.