International Women’s Day

Well, it’s no secret today is all about the powerful women in the world. For example, your Snapchat and Instagram are full of posts from your friends, maybe even you as a woman received some loving messages appreciating the strong woman you are today. And, if you’re a male, then maybe you are the one giving thanks and appreciation to all the wonderful women in your life.

Why celebrate International Women’s Day? Furthermore, let’s take a look back in history and
recognize back in 1909 when a socialist party organized a Women’s Day on February 28, 1909 in
New York and then the next year Women’s Day was starting to be held annually. Therefore, for
years and years the day was predominantly celebrated by the socialist movement and
communist Countries until it was adopted in 1975 by the United Nations. Today on March 8,
International Women’s Day is a public holiday in some countries and largely ignored elsewhere.
In some places, it is a day of protest; in others, it is a day that celebrated womanhood.
Women have come a long way to fight for their equal rights, to have a voice, and to be

Recognize All Strong Women

In addition, today is a day to recognize all the hardships that were faced by women and to give a
reminder to continue that fight for equality amongst the world. Furthermore, take a moment and think about
all the amazing women who play an important role in your life, maybe a mother, sister,
daughter, aunt, grandma, best friend. In conclusion, let’s take a moment and appreciate all they have ever done
for you but also take a look and appreciate all the past women in history that have made a
difference in the world today. And, as for the saying goes…

“Here’s to the strong women”