All businesses need cash injected when they are just starting up or having plans to expand or diversify. For conglomerates, it may be a matter of days before funding for such activities is planned, scrutinized, approved, and even funded. The story is a whole lot different for the smaller players in the economy.

Irrespective of which industry your business belongs to, securing funding will pose some form of challenge. Only so many loved ones are willing to shell out hard-earned money on someone they know and believe in. So what happens when you have exhausted all your funding options? The next logical step is to approach financial institutions for a line of credit of some form. And things tend to get a little sticky here.

Unfortunately, seeking money from financial institutions cannot always be ruled out. But, there are several fundraising ideas available that are especially useful to small to mid-sized businesses. The key is that such businesses usually have a much stronger and wider personal connection. Plus, there are fundraising organizations these days that make a small amount of profit by helping the underdogs make it big. Here are a few unique fundraising ideas to consider:


It is one of the popular and effective fundraising ideas these days. There are a few well-reputed and trustworthy organizations that organize crowdfunding on behalf of organizations that need cash. They charge a small percentage of the total funds collected as their earning and may also charge a small amount for processing the funds. Still, otherwise, the entire earnings belong to the company on whose behalf the crowdfunding campaign was held. You may be surprised to know that well-known brands like Pebble Smartwatch and Oculus Rift, which are now valued in millions, were a result of this very same technique. Facebook acquired Oculus for a hefty $2 billion, so this is also an excellent way to catch the eye of potential investors if you eventually want to sell your business and make your profit. 

Silent Auctions

It is one of the great fundraising ideas for you to collaborate with local businesses, and promote your own while making money while organizing a silent auction. It’s considered silent because it is usually held on mobile or internet platforms. You collaborate with local businesses willing to help you with your cause, or with peer and partner companies that have a healthy business rapport with you. You can ask them to help you with the cause by giving products or services that customers can ‘bid’ for by simply visiting the auction site online. Depending on the interest generated, people can outbid each other multiple times and probably give you more than you bargained for. In this way, you are building excellent relations with the businesses and people helping you out with your auction and raising money at the same time.

A simple fundraising example is if you own a book store that you want to expand to, including a small cafe and reading room. Then you can organize an online auction for this fundraising. The auction can feature merchandize from things you know would interest your readers and prospective bidders – like t-shirts, books, mint condition rare copies of books or comics, free coffee upon donating x $, etc. At the same time, you can organize an informal party at the store where you can auction the rarest book in your collection – and people would be happy to pay a premium price for the item because it’s going for a better cause. 

5K Fundraiser

Want to combine health with wealth? It is one of the great fundraising ideas. Do you own a business involved in selling fitness products, healthy foods and drinks, etc.? Then this should be an excellent fundraising option for you. Organizing marathons walks, or even cycling events is a great way to promote your business, raise money from the participation fee paid by the interested people, and show that you care about your clients’ health. This requires minimal funding out of your own pocket, some sweat work to get the permits, and ensuring the road/track remains clear during this fundraising event, and you’re all set.

Shoe Drive Fundraiser

This unique fundraising option involves people who are interested in donating to your business and giving away their old shoes. Almost everyone owns shoes that they no longer wear or are in rather good conditions but no longer interesting to them. Place Boxes in strategic points where people can donate their shoes, and depending on the weight of the shoes collected, the business organizing the fundraising event gets paid by the sponsor company. Shoes can also be replaced by clothes and books, for example, depending on which company is willing to sponsor this fundraising event.

A few other fundraising ideas that you may want to consider are creating your own YouTube or blogging site or social media account. You have to make a video of what innovative product ideas you have, and start a paying side-project that will be an additional income to you.

There are more easy fundraising ideas on our website. If you’re ready to do some “Used Shoe Drive”, reach out to us. Angel Bins is here to help you to make your shoe drive a successful fundraising event.