Tracking your shoe drive progress is the best way to keep momentum for a successful fundraiser. When you host an Angel Bins shoe drive you will want to get the word out to your participants as well as friends, family and supporters. Once you ask them to clean out their closets and donate shoes to help your cause, you will want to keep track of your progress. Here are three ways that have proven successful:

  1. Make it visible: Visibility is key to keeping track and building momentum. At schools, placing a canopy for shoe collection near the parent drop off & pick up loop works nicely. Have PTA volunteers or students wave signs promoting the shoe drive. Other volunteers can collect bags of shoes from parents vehicles as they drive through the loop, allowing them to stay in their car. Stack the bags received under the canopy showcasing the many bags collected. Parents who may have forgotten about the fundraiser will be gently reminded to bring shoes when they see this visual. This approach works nicely at churches as well.
  2. Post your progress!: Post your progress report on Facebook, your website, send emails, or better yet, create a giant poster with a good old fashion “thermometer graph” graphic that you update daily or weekly. It is very important to make a goal and keep your participants motivated in achieving that goal. You will find that the closer you get to achieving your goal the more you will collect. You will likely surpass your expectations when you post your progress report!
  3. Offer incentives: Offering incentives to celebrate milestones or completion is a fun way to keep momentum at a good pace. You may offer a simple prize or privilege to the classroom that collects the most shoes. One school we worked with had a teacher dress up like a superhero, “Shoe-per-man”. The classrooms that were doing well had weekly congratulatory visits from “Shoe-per-man”. Some programs offer pizza parties, or a movie night to the club, team, or class that did the best.

Whatever approach you take, be creative, and have fun! The more fun you have the more shoes you will collect and the more funds you will raise. We are here to help you host a successful shoe drive and can share cool ideas. To get set up contact us today.