Thinking Green is important to Angel Bins, our communities, and our planet. Moreover, that’s why we’ve created a green option for fundraising. As in, instead of buying or selling, you will simply ask you and your supporters to clean out their closets. In addition,

WE “think green” in terms of money; the cash you will earn fundraising through a shoe drive.

WE also “think green” because we facilitate recycling and re-use fundraisers.

When WE “think green” together there is a wonderful ripple effect…

  1. You raise needed funds for your organization without having to buy or sell.
  2. The shoes are sent to countries in Africa and South America where they create thousands of jobs for micro-entrepreneurs, real people, who resell them as a means of supporting their families.
  3. Quality low cost footwear becomes available in communities that have few resources, and often public health concerns.
  4. You are helping the planet by repurposing unwanted shoes, and keeping them out of the landfill.
  5. Jobs are created both in the US and abroad.

Have you planned your spring fundraiser yet? Consider “thinking green”. In other words, here are some ideas:

  • Host a “Spring Cleaning Event”
  • “Think Green -Saint Patricks Day Shoe Drive”
  • “Earth Day” is on April 22nd. Many schools educate and celebrate environmental themes all month. Maybe an “Earth Day Shoe Drive” would be perfect for your program?

Contact Angel Bins to get started. Because, we would love to help you facilitate a “green” fundraiser!