Athletic shoe drives pay the most, currently $1.50 per pound, so it is easy to raise funds. Why overthink. Just do it.

Here is the simple process:

  1. Contact Angel Bins to schedule an athletic shoe drive.
  2. Give each participant an 18x18x24 box and ask them to collect gently used and new athletic shoes to fill the box. They should ask friends, neighbors, teachers, family, coaches, and co-workers to help them fill the box.
  3. Once the box is filled with 30-50 pairs of shoes have them return the full box.
  4. Angel Bins will provide postage paid shipping labels for you to send us the boxes.
  5. Angel Bins will send you a check.

It’s that simple. If you have 50 participants that each collect 1 full 18x18x24 box of athletic shoes, you will raise $3,750.00! Yay!!! (50 pound box x 50 participants = 2,500 pounds of shoes @$1.50= $3,750.00).

Host an athletic shoe drive for your next fundraiser. It’s simple.