More than 5 billion people globally own smartphones!  What do you get when you combine collective obsession with texting with our very human desire to do good in the world? Text-to-Give donations! It’s a modest way to empower people to donate and take a structural load off your nonprofit or association.

1) Text to Give Fundraiser

Text to Give Fundraiser

Off late, more people donate towards charitable causes. In recent years, Text-to-give is one of the popular tools. This Text-to-give empowers mobile users to donate right from their mobile phones. It goes a long way when you meet your donors where they are (their smartphones!) to boost their engagement with your project and mission.

In recent times, there is a growing trend in the nonprofit industry that utilizes text-to-give services to encourage guests to donate during the fundraising event. More Nonprofits choose text-to-give services since it charges a processing fee. These are used primarily by nonprofits or other groups that need to host fundraising events. Once set up, these campaigns are quick and easy to boost donations for all of the future campaigns and fundraising events you host.

2) Deadline Fundraiser

Deadline Fundraiser

The specific date, specific amount fundraiser, is an easy way to raise money for any cause, especially for individuals that want to raise funds quickly. Basically, you’ll pick a day and a reasonable dollar amount and ask people to donate that amount on the day you’ve chosen.

The day you would pick can be significant to the cause you’re raising funds for, like honoring the date a loved one passed away due to cancer to raise money for cancer research and awareness.

If you want to create a memorable fundraising event that instills values of generosity, community involvement, and volunteerism, then think of Angel Bins! We help you to succeed with your events and fundraising goals!