A Shoe Fundraiser is a great out-of the box idea!

With cold weather waning and warmer days just around the corner, temperatures outside aren’t the only thing on the rise. If you have been looking for a great way to spring forward into the new season and elevate funding for your non-profit, look no further! A Shoe Fundraiser is an excellent way to generate extra cash and maximize the effectiveness of your non-profit activities!

When you partner with Angel Bins to run a shoe fundraiser, you are creating an opportunity to raise money for your cause without selling anything or accumulating any out of pocket costs. Running a shoe fundraiser is also an excellent way to engage the members of your non-profit by inviting them to be part of a creative, cash generating process. 

Donate your used shoes to a shoe fundraiser

Benefits of organizing a shoe fundraiser

Aside from being a fun and unique way to raise money, shoe drive fundraising is also beneficial to members of the global community and a great way to be sustainable. 

  • Non-profits and other organizations have the ability to raise thousands of dollars in a short period of time without any out of pocket costs or extra expenses
  • Shoe drive fundraising helps to reduce hazardous textile waste by keeping used shoes out of landfills 
  • Collected shoes are given a second life and are worn by those in need who lack necessary footwear
  • Shoes are resold by micro-entrepreneurs in developing nations, allowing these people to support their families and communities by empowering them the opportunity for financial independence 

Raise awareness within your non-profit organization

It’s no secret that raising money for those in need feels good. What feels even better is creating an environment of transparency, where members of your organization can be directly involved in every step of the process. Shoe drive fundraising is a great way for people to get involved on a personal level and directly contribute to raising money for a good cause. 

By getting members of your non-profit involved in a hands on fundraiser such as a shoe drive, you will foster an environment of giving and get people excited to take part in generating donations. Unlike simply asking for money or cold calling in an effort to collect donations, a shoe fundraiser is a great way for people to see results and measure their success in real time!

fundraising can be fun and easy

Making it easy with a shoe fundraiser

Undoubtedly, any fundraising effort comes with a few challenges. Implement some simple solutions in order to alleviate the stress of fundraising and make things easier for you and your team.

  • Set measurable goals
  • Define your target demographic
  • Strategize the best ways to reach the largest audience
  • Create a database of collectors and donors to use for future drives
  • Utilize social media platforms to make your voice heard

take advantage of your team and find volunteers

Play to your strengths

When organizing a shoe fundraiser, it is important to make the most of the resources available to you. Spend a day simply planning the best ways to best utilize the tools at your disposal. No one knows your team better than you. Determine where each member’s strengths lie, and delegate specific tasks tailored to these skills in order to maximize your success. 

  • Maintain clear channels of communication
  • Think outside the box and implement unique solutions
  • Make it convenient and easy to get involved
  • Develop a weekly schedule that all participants will adhere to 
  • Check in with your team often 

Determine what these strengths are early on in your fundraising effort in order to fully take advantage of them. Staying connected to your team and working towards common goals will make things run smoothly throughout the duration of your shoe drive fundraiser. 

to avoid mistakes, get together with your fundraising guide

Avoid common mistakes

Whether this is your organization’s first shoe fundraiser or their fiftieth, there are a few easy to avoid hang-ups that may impede your success. By simply being aware of these factors you are one step closer to steering clear of any fundraising roadblocks.

  • Poor planning or research
  • Lack of exposure across social media
  • Spreading your resources too thin
  • Ineffective communication with your fundraising team

While a few bumps in the road may ultimately be unavoidable, stay focused on the task at hand and be ready to deal with any issues that may arise. 

start organizing your shoe fundraiser today!

Organize your shoe fundraiser

Keep things simple. One person should be responsible for organizing the shoe drive fundraiser. The organizer’s job is to set up the fundraiser, make sure everyone knows about it, and run it effectively. The organizer will also be a cheerleader for participants to encourage them to hit their fundraising goals.

  • Keep a calendar and update it regularly as you meet your goals
  • Compile a directory of all participants involved for easier communications
  • Continue to implement solutions that have proven effective to you in the past

Less is more: Part of being organized is limiting the number of fundraisers you run each year. Try to group all of your fundraising needs into one large fundraiser. Participants will be more motivated and donors more likely to give to one big fundraiser as opposed to several smaller ones.

Get your team motivated with incentives!

Incentivize giving

Everyone likes to be rewarded for their part in a good deed. A fun and effective way to bolster the support of your team is to offer prizes or gifts to those who excel in fundraising. 

  • Give a gift card to those who bring in the most donations
  • Plan a group party or outing for reaching your fundraising goal
  • Designate prizes based on different levels of donation

Though giving back to your community or cause may be rewarding enough on its own, providing physical incentives provides a factor of friendly competition. This competitive spirit will benefit everyone involved and keep things exciting while running your shoe drive fundraiser. 

By following the advice in this blog, you will soon be on your way to generating the funds needed to best support your non-profit organization!

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Written by: Max Weinstone