Whether you are trying to raise money for a nonprofit, club, or association, there’s a lot of stress riding on you to find the best fundraising idea and to raise enough money to keep your business going.

1) Local Restaurant Partnership Fundraiser

Local Restaurant Partnership Fundraiser

Have you ever tried raising money by inviting people out to eat?  When working with local restaurants, a portion of the night’s earnings can be donated to your cause.

Many restaurants, big or small, offer charities to help local organizations raise money. What you need to do is to contact the manager of the restaurant you’d like to host your fundraiser!

Once you’ve discussed the logistics of the event, start inviting friends, family, and the community to come and show their support. The more people that attend the day of your fundraiser, the more money you can raise for your organization.

2) Coffee Bean Sale Fundraiser

Coffee Bean Sale Fundraiser

This easy fundraising idea starts with finding a local coffee shop or wholesale coffee bean provider to buy the coffee beans at the wholesale price. Once you and the coffee seller have reached an agreement, set up an online shop and sell your coffee beans in various heavy traffic areas in your community!

Don’t forget to let people know what the money is going towards, and you’ll be sure to generate more sales to raise funds towards your cause.

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