You need to raise money.  You heard that word that makes everyone groan.  “Fundraiser”.  We understand and Angel Bins is here to be your partner in fundraising.


  • Sports Teams
  • Kids Choir
  • Church Fundraising
  • Emergency Medical Needs
  • Adoption Fundraiser
  • PTA
  • Band Fundraising
  • Sports Wheelchairs
  • School Fundraisers
  • Your Favorite Non Profit

The list goes on into infinity. So do the needs. What can you do? No one seems to have deep enough pockets and NO ONE wants to buy one more box of chocolate, one more entertainment book, one more candle, one more roll of gift wrap, etc.

What if your fundraising efforts don’t cost you ANYTHING, they don’t cost anyone anything as a matter of fact! What if you can find what you need for this fundraiser in your own closet?  You heard me, your own closet holds the key to fundraisers.

Let’s see how!

Are your kids switching to new sports? Need new cleats but don’t know what to do with your old ones? Do those high heels clash with your wardrobe? Do you still have blisters from those uncomfortable clogs? Have your kids feet grown two sizes in a month? We have a solution! Collect your unused, unwanted and unloved (or overly loved) shoes for at least one month and you can raise anywhere from $500 to $5000! The sky is the limit; it’s up to you! Angel Bins provides you the solution to your fundraising needs!

To add more volume to your fundraiser, you can collect used clothing as well!

To recap, you and your friends, family, and teammates (or classmates etc) clean out closets, collecting shoes and clothing (making your closets clean and ready for more SHOPPING) and you raise money without selling one thing.

What are you waiting for? Go clean!

Hosting a Successful Shoe Drive Fundraiser in 4 Easy Steps

1. First of all, before you start, you need to know exactly “what for” and “why” you are fundraising. Most programs simply are under budget and need general funds. Unfortunately, if you fundraise for the “general fund” your supporters may not be overly enthusiastic. Instead, identify something tangible, a fundraiser they can get behind. How will they benefit? For example: “We need to raise funds to purchase computers for the school’s library”.

2. You need supporters and volunteers. Meet with your group and decide on an action plan. As a team put in place your plan. For example: “If 100 families in our congregation commit to collect 100 pairs of shoes we will meet our goal to send the youth to camp”.

3. Finally, get the word out! If your friends neighbors, supporters, community, or congregation don’t know about your fundraiser they cannot help with your success. Fortunately, this part is easy. Just ask. You can post information and flyers on social media, put flyers out, ask your co-workers, set up a collection booth at your school pick-up/drop off loop. Just be visible.

4. Don’t re-invent the wheel. When someone shares an idea that has worked in the past, use it!– At Angel Bins, we have the good fortune of working with organizations that have been very successful on a daily basis. We love to share ideas.

When Angel Bins facilitates your shoe drive you are not alone. We will be by your side cheering you on!