Step into Sustainability with a Shoe Fundraiser

Roughly 70 percent of the world’s population relies on the reuse of shoes and other clothing. Every day Americans throw away unused shoes and clothing while many people worldwide are forced to live and work without necessary footwear. Many of these excess items sit in a spare closet in someone’s home or worse, in a landfill leaching toxic materials into the earth. Rather than sealing the fate of your old footwear to one of these undesirable options, consider organizing a shoe fundraiser as a sustainable alternative. 

A Shoe fundraiser promotes sustainability

Why should you organize a shoe fundraiser?

There are countless benefits to repurposing your old shoes. By recycling or donating an old pair of running shoes, the chewed-up heels you have been meaning to get rid of for ages, or that pair of boots the kids outgrew a year ago, you will:

  • Provide necessary footwear for less fortunate people living in poverty
  • Give new life to an item you presently don’t have use for and is just taking up space
  • Organizing a shoe fundraiser generates money that will go toward a good cause
  • Reduce your own carbon footprint and global landfill waste 
  • Support micro-entrepreneurs in the world’s developing nations 
  • Raise money for charity, non-profit organizations, education, medical expenses, etc.

You will get paid for your shoe fundraiser with us!

Shoe fundraisers are sustainable and profitable

Sustainable living is essential for the future, and everyone plays a part. Individuals, corporations, and charities can all take steps towards securing the earth’s environmental well-being. Truth be told, we as a whole need to be impactful and make a difference, before it is too late.

 Numerous researchers, the U.S. government, and sustainability experts agree that environmental change is perhaps the most crucial issue of our era. Every moment that we spend doing nothing we are consuming available, valuable time in which we could be making a difference. We as a whole need to appreciate this wonderful world and all that it has to offer us. We are all responsible for ensuring that all future generations are able to experience the natural environmental beauty of the world. Shoe drive fundraising is an excellent first step towards making a global impact.

reduce your waste and make a global impact with a shoe drive

Decrease waste 

It’s no secret that we humans are the biggest threat to the environment. We also have the capability, as well as the responsibility, to reverse the damage we have done and create a greener tomorrow. 

  • Humans create 262 million tons of waste every year
  • The average American throws away roughly 81 pounds of clothing, including shoes, in the trash annually. Many of these items end up in a landfill somewhere.
  • It takes between 30-80 years for the average shoe to fully decompose, all the while leaching toxic chemicals and materials into the earth.

Organizing a shoe fundraiser is an extremely effective way to counteract the detrimental human contribution to the environment. Instead of simply throwing away old shoes or clothing, consider collecting and repurposing these items. Even if you are not planning on organizing a shoe fundraiser, there are still many ways in which you can be sustainable.

reduce, reuse and repurpose your old shoes

Recycle, re-use, and re-purpose 

Garments and different materials in landfills are harmful to the environment and don’t contribute to the advancement of a cleaner world. Of that, there is no uncertainty. As previously mentioned, Americans discard roughly 81 pounds of garments every year. However, 70% of the world’s population, wears and needs reused attire. In this way, probably everything thing that you can manage is simply to wipe out your wardrobes. Try not to discard your old shirts, dresses or pants in the garbage. Seek out a recycling or donation organization that will help you make an impact in the lives of individuals around the globe.

combat fast fashion and make a difference in peoples lives

Make a difference locally and worldwide with a shoe fundraiser

As previously mentioned, shoes can require over 80 years to deteriorate in a landfill? Also, while they decompose, they discharge toxic chemicals into the air and soil. Most Americans have in their home at any time, 10 pairs of shoes that go unworn, while many people in the rest of the world remain shoeless. While this statistic may seem disheartening, the great news is that you can turn your old shoes into cash and supply those who are less fortunate with necessary footwear simply by running a shoe fundraiser! Rather than selling a product or simply asking for money, all you need to do is request that individuals give you their delicately worn, used and new shoes. Partner with a shoe fundraiser support organization like Angel Bins, and have a check sent to you once you have collected a sufficient amount of shoes. Taking part in a shoe fundraiser will make you to feel great, knowing that you raised money, helped the planet, and furthermore uplifted micro-entrepreneurs in underdeveloped nations who sell these repurposed shoes.

Most people would likely jump at the opportunity to help those in need while also bringing about a positive impact to their own community. Running a shoe fundraiser is an incredible way to fulfill these goals without a slew of red tape or obstacles that sometimes coincide with non-profit work. There are no loopholes or catches when you partner with Angel Bins. You will have the ability to set your own timeline and organize a strategy with a team of your choosing, or by yourself! If you run into any aspects of fundraising that you are unsure about, be sure to check out our other blogs for great tips on how to make the most of your shoe fundraiser. You will also have access to a live chat and personalized multimedia created by your very own personal fundraising guide. There is no better time to clean up the world than now, and each day we wait is another day that we spend harming the environment around us. 

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Written by Max Weinstone