Spring Cleaning - shoe drive Fundraisers

If you’re like us, you are more than ready for the light, refreshing vibes of spring. Even though in some places it feels like it may never come, spring really is right around the corner!

With spring’s fresh, clean feeling comes an almost innate desire to spruce up our homes. Spring cleaning is totally a thing and has been for as long as people have had an abundance of possessions. We who have the luxury of having a lot of things also have the desire:

  1. To purge those things once in a while and get rid of what is no longer serving us, and
  2. To do the good deed of donating items that are of good quality so that they might benefit others who are less fortunate. 

If you’re looking for fundraising or charity ideas, spring is the perfect time for it! People are already in the mode of clearing out clutter and tidying up. So why not host a shoe drive fundraiser? They’ll need somewhere to go with all the great shoes that no longer bring them joy! 

You’ll want to check out our website, where you’ll find a plethora of great ideas and tips for shoe donation fundraisers. But in the meantime, let’s talk about how to maximize the positive impact of a spring shoe drive.

Hosting a Truly Impactful Shoe Donation Fundraiser

Spring Cleaning - shoe donation fundraiser

As spring cleaning gets into full swing, it’s a great time to start collecting shoe donations. It will help those of us who are cleaning feel like our gently used items are going to a good cause, encouraging us to give even more. Plus, while we’re in the mode of clearing out the clutter, we tend to get rid of things that are in better shape than when we simply toss them because they’re worn out and no longer useful. 

To host a shoe donation fundraiser that’s truly impactful this spring, here are few things you need to know:

What Happens to Donated Shoes?

shoe drive beneficiary

The shoes you collect often end up in underserved countries where micro-entrepreneurs will repair and resell them to locals. This helps to boost the local economy as shop owners bring in some money from selling quality shoes to support their families. Also, economies are naturally commerce-driven, so this approach is quite the shot-in-the-arm they need. It also brings quality footwear into these communities at reasonable prices that locals can afford.

What Kinds of Shoes Should Be Collected?

Shoe drive fundraisers only work if the right kinds of shoes are donated. A few guidelines on the types of shoes to collect, and which kinds to trash or recycle where possible:

  1. Make sure you’re collecting quality shoes that would be worthy of being resold. If you wouldn’t dream of paying for them or putting them on your child’s feet in any scenario, they likely won’t serve anyone else either.
  2. Shoes with tears, holes, or rips will not be accepted. They won’t protect anyone’s feet if they’re already worn out.
  3. High heels are not considered acceptable footwear, nor would they be practical in most of the communities we work with, so they cannot be accepted.

Why Partner with Angel Bins for a Shoe Drive Fundraiser?

Imagine, for a moment, that you make less than $2 a day. That’s only $2 a day to feed, clothe, and care for your family. Could you do it? Probably, but it might mean having to choose between putting shoes on their feet or food in their tummies. Of course, you’d focus first on feeding your family!

However, we know that they also need shoes to protect their feet and keep them safe from diseases and bacteria that are found on the ground, especially in unclean areas. 

Angel Bins is here to help you collect quality shoe donations and host an impactful shoe drive fundraiser. These drives do wonders to help those less fortunate, enabling them to provide for their families. We work with you so that these underserved communities can have food and shoes, just as we are so fortunate to have.

How a Shoe Drive Fundraiser with Angel Bins Works

Working with Angel Bins is an easy, three-step process:

  1. You collect quality, gently used, or brand-new shoes in your local community.
  2. Pack the paired shoes neatly in bags or boxes per the detailed Angel Bins instructions provided to you.
  3. Call us to come and pick them up at a time and date that works best for you. We can collect them any time Monday through Friday, between the hours of 1 and 5 PM.

Then Angel Bins cleans the shoes and sends them to developing nations where they will truly benefit those in need.

Make a Positive Impact with Angel Bins

If you’re ready to dive into “Fundraising with Sole” during this spring-cleaning season, connect with us. Angel Bins is here to help. Not only do we have shoe drive ideas and tips for collecting shoes for fundraising, but we also have the experience to help make your shoe drive a stomping success!