Successfully Support Your Community with a Shoe Fundraiser


Now is a better time than ever to explore unique and effective ways to support your community. Running a shoe fundraiser is an excellent method to secure funds for a cause you care about with no out of pocket cost to you. Whether you are looking to bolster support for a local sports organization, increase funding for your PTA chapter, or help alleviate medical expenses, organizing a shoe fundraiser will help you give the most to your community. 

Support your community with a shoe fundraiser

Key benefits of a shoe fundraiser

There are numerous benefits to organizing a shoe drive fundraiser. In addition to simply supporting your community, you will also be providing support to families in impoverished nations, as well as doing your part to reduce your own carbon footprint. 

Minimal costs

It takes very little money to host and promote a shoe fundraiser. When you partner with Angel Bins, there are zero out of pocket costs, as we cover all packing and shipping expenses. Your personal fundraising guide will even create personalized marketing materials to help your shoe fundraiser to gain exposure. 

Get paid fast

Receive a check for your raised funds shortly after your shoes have been picked up for collection! The faster you get paid, the faster you can begin putting that money towards a cause close to you. Checks can be made payable to any individual or organization.

Make a global impact with a Shoe Fundraiser 

Your donated shoes will be provided to micro-entrepreneurs to re-purpose and resell in developing economies, stimulating organic growth. In addition to members of your own community benefiting from a shoe fundraiser, you will also be providing support for those in developing nations. These small business owners and their families are given the opportunity to support themselves while also providing necessary footwear to their own communities. 

Close the sustainability loop

Discarded shoes are notoriously hard on the environment. Recycling them in a shoe drive fundraiser is a productive way to be responsible! The average shoe can take between 30 to 80 years to decompose, all the while leaching toxic materials into the earth. Shoe fundraising provides used shoes with a second life, rather than leaving them to decay in a landfill somewhere. 

Closing the sustainability loop

Conducting a shoe fundraiser

Shoe drive fundraising is a lot easier than it may first appear!


This method of fundraising works well as a standalone fundraising campaign or as a supplement to existing fundraising efforts. It’s easy to organize a campaign and set some goals with your shoe drive coordinator, who will then provide you with some marketing ideas and tools, and help you raise awareness across multiple social media platforms. 


Promote your shoe fundraiser to your school, neighbors, or anyone else who is likely to support your cause. One great way to make things convenient for potential donors is to provide collection bins or bags to your volunteers. You might be surprised how quickly you can reach your collection goal with the support of your community behind you!

Prepare for your shoe fundraiser

Plan for a successful shoe fundraiser

Meeting your fundraising goals with a shoe fundraiser is simple when you plan accordingly. Let’s review some easy ways for you to make running your shoe fundraiser a walk in the park!

Set a timeline:

Establish an estimated date of completion for your shoe fundraiser. This date can be adjusted accordingly, but establishing a specific day early on will help you to stay organized and on track for meeting your goals. It will also allow for everyone involved to be on the same page every step of the way.

Set a collection goal:

Similarly to setting a timeline, this should be a generalized goal that you set for yourself and your volunteers in terms of how many shoes you aim to collect. This number can be adjusted, however, it will be beneficial to have a rough idea of how many shoes you wish to collect. This will also give you a good idea of how much money you will be able to contribute to the cause of your choice. 

Make your presence known:

We live in an age of accessible information. Most of us are fortunate enough to have access to the internet right at our fingertips. Utilize social media platforms, community forums, and other means of communication to let people know about your shoe fundraiser. The more people that your reach, the more people will get involved, which will ultimately put more money towards your cause. 

Keep your shoe fundraiser simple:

One of the most effective ways to meet your goals when organizing a shoe fundraiser is to keep things simple. Convenience is key, and it will prove extremely beneficial to your fundraiser to make things as convenient as possible for your potential donors. The way in which people can collect or drop off their used shoes should be made as easy as possible by your organization. This will maximize the number of shoes you collect and inspire more people to get involved. 

Keeping things simple when planning your fundraiser

Setting an example

While many of the benefits of organizing a shoe fundraiser may be obvious, there are some lesser realized perks of fundraising in this manner. By promoting your fundraiser locally, you will garner the support of the very people you wish to help. Be transparent in establishing your cause and keep your supporters informed every step of the way. When people recognize that you have made an effort to give back to your community, they will likely follow suit and make their own contributions. 

Rallying your community behind you will prove to be the most beneficial tool at your disposal. When people see that they are making a positive impact on their very own neighborhood, school, or church, they will be more inclined to take action and get involved. 

The more people that you get involved with your shoe fundraiser, the more likely someone is to host one of their own! By setting the wheel in motion, you will inspire those around you to do good and support a cause that is important to them!

Inspire others with your fundraiser

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Written by: Max Weinstone