Shoe Drives: Donate Used Shoes to Help Local Community

If you are looking for a way to support local causes within your community while also making a global impact, then look no further! Organizing a shoe drive is one of the simplest ways to raise funds for the organizations and people close to home, while also providing for families and individuals in developing nations. 

Much like any PTA bake sale or canned food drive, shoe drives are an excellent opportunity to get those around you involved in a cause that is beneficial for everyone. The great part about running a shoe drive is that there is little to no overhead, meaning that rather than having to procure baked goods or buy canned food, many people already have the necessary donations sitting in the back of a closet somewhere in their home!

Your used shoes can still be of use, donate today!

Choose an impactful cause for your shoe drive

Many people are more willing to take a step towards being impactful when the results are local and apparent. Choosing a cause or organization to support that is close to home will inspire members of your community to get on board and instill a sense of excitement knowing that they are making a change that affects them directly. 

Whether you are planning to collect used shoes or another type of fundraising event, raising money for a person or organization known locally will create unity amongst the members of your community and bring people together to maximize your success. 

Another thing to consider is the fact that when you partner with Angel Bins, you are automatically making a global impact as well. Every pair of shoes that is collected through your efforts will be sent to underdeveloped nations to be worn and sold by people living in poverty. 

Raise funds that have a global impact

Get your community involved in your fundraiser

Who better to join you in your efforts to improve your community than the community members themselves? Those around you will be eager to bolster your ranks if they feel that they are part of a greater good. Let your community know exactly what cause you wish to support and provide accessible and convenient ways for them to get involved.

  • Parents of adolescent children are excellent candidates to take part in a shoe drive, as many of them undoubtedly own old pairs of shoes that their children have grown out of. 


  • Team up with a local PTA group or sports clubs to maximize donations and get more people involved. Remind the leaders of these groups that not only is this an efficient way to raise funding quickly, but it also has the potential to become a sustainable source of semi-passive income if permanent shoe drive drop off locations are set up.


  • If you are the member of a church or other religious organization, consider networking with other members of your congregation. If you are successful in inspiring those around you through acts of service geared towards improving your community, others are likely to join your cause. 

Don't try to do a shoe drive alone, form a team!

Make your presence known

A crucial component to your success when organizing a shoe drive is raising community awareness. Increase visibility by establishing the distribution of concise and transparent information about your shoe drive fundraiser. 


  • Canvas your neighborhood and local message boards with fliers that detail the location, timeline, and specifics of your shoe drive. 


  • Post about your shoe drive on social media. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and even TikTok are great for spreading the word about your shoe drive. 


  • Reach out to local newspapers or radio stations to see if they are interested in giving your shoe drive publicity as an act of charity. If you decide to partner with Angel Bins, your personal fundraising guide will even draft and submit press releases for you!


  • Word of mouth is an invaluable asset to any good cause. If you get people talking about the benefits of your shoe drive fundraiser by providing clear examples of how the community will be directly impacted, people will be more likely to contribute their own donations. Consider hosting a virtual “town hall” meeting, where members of your community are invited to propose their own fundraising ideas and ask any questions they may have about your shoe drive.


Share the news of your shoe drive on your social media platforms

Understand your audience

In order to maximize the success of your shoe drive fundraiser, you may need to consider the perspective of those involved. In other words, you need to determine your demographic and, figuratively, step into their shoes.  By doing this you will gain valuable insight that will increase your efficiency and funds. 

Imagine that you have never heard of a shoe drive fundraiser and are now being asked by a member of your community to participate in donating or collecting used shoes. Now come up with a few questions that you as a potential participant might be inclined to ask this hypothetical organizer. 

Once you have thought of possible questions, spend a few minutes formulating sincere and informative answers that will persuade others to join your cause.

Understand your audience to increase fundraising donations

Things to know about a shoe drive fundraiser with Angel Bins:

  • Q: How does a shoe drive work?


A: We pick up/you drop off any new or used shoes that you wish to donate. Once the collection goal is reached, our organization will receive a check to support our intended cause.


  • Q: What kind of shoes can I donate?

A: Our shoe drive is able to accept most gently worn shoes, with the only exceptions being metal cleats, high heels, and fuzzy slippers.

  • Q: What happens to my donated shoes?

A: Shoes donated to the shoe drive will ultimately be sent to micro-entrepreneurs in underdeveloped nations to be resold. This allows for these small business owners to support their families while also providing shoes to those in need. 


This exercise will prepare you to answer any real questions that may arise when publicizing information about your shoe drive fundraiser.

To set up your fundraiser today, please call (213) 458-9896 or complete our contact form and our fundraising coordinator will help you get started.


Written by: Max Weinstone