Not to do in Shoe Drive Fundraisers

What NOT to include in your Shoe Drive Fundraisers

Two of the most common questions people have when starting their Shoe Drive Fundraisers with Angel Bins are:

  1. What kind of shoes do you not accept?
  2. Where do the shoes go?

The answers to these questions are very closely related, as a matter of fact. The reason we don’t accept certain types of shoes in our Shoe Drive Fundraisers is because Angel Bins sends their shoes to South America and Africa for micro-entrepreneurs to sell and support their families with. Naturally, certain types of shoes and unwearable and/or damaged shoes wouldn’t do people supporting their families in developing countries much good.

What types of shoes do we not accept in our Shoe Drive Fundraisers?

  • Heels: Without a 1st world infrastructure facilitating cleanly paved roads and sidewalks, most people wouldn’t have a need for heels.
  • Snow Boots: While it does snow in some of these developing nations, most don’t live where there’s snow.
  • Fluffy Slippers: They’re downright adorable, but often fall apart when being shipped, and are thrown away upon arrival at their destination.
  • Metal Cleats: These tend to destroy other shoes when shipping.

What condition must the shoes be in? 

“No Holes, Good Soles!” is a catchphrase we’ve made easy to remember. All shoes in your collection must be new, or gently worn. Some donations we receive are very questionable, but what do they look like? Well, we’ve created a video that shows you just that!

Take a look at this video that will give you a clear idea of what NOT to include in your Shoe Drive Fundraisers:

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