In your search for quick fundraising ideas, you come across Mixed Shoe Drives. You get excited. This will be wonderful for your school, PTO, church, booster, kids soccer league, or other organization! You think it’s the perfect way to raise money, and bring people together at the same time.

Then you get that email that tells you the minimum is 1500 to 2500 pairs of shoes! Eek! Your heart sinks. You’ve never seen that many shoes in one place. As the fundraising organizer, you immediately imagine yourself doing all of that work with no help. When you feel this, take a deep breath and read the following:

3 Tips for Having a Successful Mixed Shoe Drive

The minimum seems daunting at first, as we all know! But, with the right help, community outreach, advertizement, and scheduling, you can actually reach it in no time! Take it from Brittany Frisbie of Utah who just last month who collected 3,000 pairs of shoes, and made $1545! This money she applied toward adopting her new daughter from overseas, with only a small team of 5 helpers!

Here’s how…

1. Run Some Calculations.

Run some calculations - Quick Fundraising Ideas

In suit with quick fundraising ideas, you’ll only need 3 minutes to crunch some initial numbers. These calculations are crucial to overcome the biggest hurdle that can destroy a fundraiser: Self Doubt!

Collecting 2,500 pairs of shoes sounds stressful to anyone. Does collecting 3 pairs of shoes a week sound stressful, though? Probably not…

If you take the total pairs of shoes you’ll need, divide that by your number of helpers, then divide that number by the number of weeks, you’ll know each helper needs to collect a certain amount of shoes each week! For example; You and your church are doing a mixed shoe drive and your minimum is 2500 pairs. You have a congregation consisting of 100 people.  When you divide 2500 pairs by 100 people, you’ll find each helper will be responsible for collecting 25 pairs. Let’s say you can only have a 3-month (12-week) drive. Based on that,  divide the 25 pairs/helper by 12 and you’ll get 2.08. Let’s round that up to 3. So… if each member of your church collects 3 pairs a week, you’ll end up with 3,600 pairs of shoes! That’s 1,100 pairs over the minimum!

You can just feel that pesky self-doubt withering away!

Here’s a worksheet that will help you do the math!

2. Where Do You Collect Shoes?

Collecting Shoes - Fundraising Ideas

When thinking of fundraisers, most imagine selling chocolates or magazine subscriptions door to door or outside supermarkets. Constantly being told “No, I’m on a diet.” or other excuses can prove disheartening, especially to child fundraisers.

Waiting outside a supermarket wouldn’t do much good for shoe drive fundraisers since people don’t normally go shopping with their new and gently used shoes on them. However, door to door does indeed work well. Asking your neighbors to check their closet for the shoes they aren’t using isn’t too bold of a move. They’re usually happy to help when you explain their cause! But to get a larger shoe drive collection, especially if you have a smaller amount of helpers, you’re going to need to do more than that.

One of the best ways to do this is to decorate boxes with information, guidelines, and a description of your cause. Have fun with it! It’s  a fun project especially if you have children involved! Place them in strategic places where you know people return to regularly, and have charitable natures. Also, you can place them in businesses where old shoes end up. These places include:

  • Shoe Stores (People buy new shoes and leave their old ones all the time!)
  • Gyms (Don’t forget to ask if they have unclaimed shoes in their Lost & Found!)
  • Doctors Offices/Hospitals
  • Fire Stations
  • Police Stations
  • School Administration Offices
  • Churches
  • Post Offices

If you need more detailed ideas, always call your Angel Bins Fundraising Coordinator! They’re always happy to help!

3. Advertising!

The more people who know you’re collecting shoes, the more shoes you will get! It seems like a no-brainer, but how specifically does one get the word out?

Printing Flyers: Is there an artist in your ranks? Is anyone handy with photoshop or illustrator in your group? If so great! They can come up with an attractive flyer for you! You can also always use the premade flyers we created at Angel Bins.  What if no one has the time, skill and/or means to design a flyer? Well, try out Canva.com! It’s super easy and if you sign up for it you’ll get 30 days free! That’s plenty of time to create all the advertising elements you’ll need within minutes.

Social Media: Does your organization have an Instagram and Facebook account? If so, great! Take control of it, make regular engaging posts and look out for comments and likes! If you need to make a Facebook page for your organization, or a dedicated one for the shoe drive, click here for a “how-to”. If you need help making a banner for your page, Canva makes it easy! You can also always ask your fundraising coordinator at Angel Bins to assist you, as well.


In conclusion, if there’s a will, there’s a way! If you’re reading this, you obviously have the will, and now you know the ways!