There are times when we don’t have months of planning for unique fundraising ideas. With these inexpensive fundraisers, you’ll have great team-building moments while staying cool in the summer sun. Car and dog washes provide a highly interactive experience that everyone can participate in and have a role. From small to large groups, these easy fundraising ideas are fun for all.

Car Wash

Car Wash-Angelbins

This classic fundraising event has become a staple for schools, nonprofits and many more organizations throughout the country. Being a great summer fundraising idea, your group will be able to help the community with a simple car wash while also having fun. What you have to do is to make sure to set up in an environment that can be easily viewed and has heavy traffic for exposure. For tools, what you’ll need is soap, buckets, towels and access to a water hose!

Make sure to promote your car wash online and through word of mouth. The more people that know about, the more money you’ll be able to raise! For a twist, you can even make it themed and have your team dress up while having the cars washed!

Dog Wash

Dog wash-Angelbins

Like car washes, you’ll be helping out the community with a fun and interactive fundraiser. This one is probably just going to be a lot messier! A lot of people don’t have the time to get their pets properly groomed regularly. You can give these pet owners a chance they need to brighten up their pups’ day!

Just find a nice park or neighborhood where people can walk their dogs to you. Make sure to have access to a hose, and have soap and scrubbers ready. It’s also nice to have several water bowls and treats for the dogs during their pampering. Anything to showcase your care for the owner’s pet is a plus!

If you’re looking for a more clean and dry fundraising ideas, check out Angel Bins and see how a shoe drive fundraiser can be the right fit for you!