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Angel Bins knows how hard it is to raise funds for your school PTA. Oftentimes PTA’s struggle to meet their budgets. That’s why we offer an easy fundraising idea for schools and PTA’s The National PTA is a formal organization that consists of teachers, parents and staff. The national PTA is designed to bridge the gap between these three groups of people and promote parent participation in the schools.

PTA fundraising can oftentimes be a challenge. PTA members tend to struggle to find easy fundraising ideas for schools that keep both the parents and students engaged.

By hosting an Angel Bins fundraiser, your PTA is guaranteed to make big bucks in an easy, free and environmentally sustainable way. All you have to do is collect shoes. You set your own timeline. During that period, you run your shoe drive fundraiser. When you are done, we arrange for a pick up and pay you per lb. It’s that simple.

We have worked with countless PTA groups across the nation.On average our PTA fundraisers have raised over $1,000.00. All those funds go straight right back into the classrooms. If you are looking for unique school fundraisers, look no further.

Let Angel Bins help you raise much needed funds for your school’s PTA fundraiser today.

To get started on your PTA fundraiser or receive more information, fill out our contact form here or call us at (213)-458-9896 Monday – Friday from 7 AM to 4 PM PST. Book your next shoe drive fundraiser today and start raising funds for your cause.

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