6 Strategies to Organize a Successful Shoe Fundraiser

Whether this is your first time running a shoe fundraiser, or you are a seasoned vet, we here at Angel Bins want to help you unlock your full potential and maximize your funds raised! If you have ever taken part in a school bake sale, or clothing drive, then you know first-hand how rewarding it is to raise money for your community through your hard work. 

If you are looking for a unique way to raise money effectively, look no further, Angel Bins has you covered. Here is our list to make your shoe fundraiser a hit:

Run a successful shoe fundraiser today!

1. Plan for a successful shoe fundraiser

Hit the ground running by first planning every step of your shoe fundraiser before you start. Creating a solid plan will help you to stay organized and on top your goals. Start by setting a collection goal. This will allow you to have a clear idea of exactly how many shoes you will need to collect as well as give you a rough estimate of how much money you will raise.

Next, you should set an approximate deadline for yourself and your volunteers. This date is flexible and can be changed at any time depending on how quickly you find yourself meeting your goals. Setting an end date will motivate you stay on track throughout the duration of your shoe fundraiser. 

Set your shoe fundraiser up for success by planning

2. Engage your community and promote your fundraiser online

You have access to multiple social media platforms and websites to get the word out about your shoe fundraiser. Use them to your advantage to maximize the number of people who are aware of your fundraising efforts. 

Platforms like Instagram or Facebook are great tools for networking and bringing your shoe fundraiser into the public eye. Find profiles or group pages that are relevant to your cause and use this as a springboard to launch your own social media campaign. You may find it beneficial to reach out or follow people who interact with pages similar to your own. 

Also consider apps like TikTok or Snapchat to create fun, easily consumable content that will make people want to get involved with your drive. Pay attention to what kinds of posts, hashtags, and keywords get the most attention, and draw ideas from these posts when creating your own content. 

promote your shoe fundraiser through social media platforms

3. Incentivize the success of your shoe fundraiser

Consider offering an incentive to motivate your volunteers or contributors. Something simple like, “whoever collects the most shoes wins a $20 Starbucks gift card”. 

If you are running a school fundraiser, perhaps offer the class with the largest collection a pizza party or a pass on homework. You may even consider making some personalized prizes for those who collect the most shoes. Get personalized hoodies or hats made, something to commemorate the hard work and good times brought about by your shoe fundraiser.

While it is important to not get distracted from your goals, doing this will keep things fresh for you and your team and also help to encourage a little friendly competition.

Incentivize your volunteers

4. Bring your shoe fundraiser team together

Fundraising is not something best done alone. Even if you are somewhat of a lone wolf, you will find that forming a solid team will lighten your own workload and make your shoe fundraiser an absolute walk in the park. 

In the current state of the world you may find it hard to meet face to face and really get personal with members of your fundraising team. Luckily there are many great options for you to stay connected virtually. It may be a good idea to host a zoom meeting or conference call once a week to check in and assess where you are on your timeline. 

When putting together your team start with your very own community. You will be delighted to find that many people in your immediate proximity will be excited to help you raise funds for a good cause.  Staying connected to your team will make it much easier for you to stay on top of your goals and not get overwhelmed by the idea of having to do everything yourself.

group together a team for your shoe fundraiser

5. Utilize local support 

Volunteers may not be the only members of your community willing to help you reach your fundraising goals. Consider reaching out to local alumni associations, stores, rotary clubs, and local businesses. Many of these organizations will likely jump on the opportunity to do good for their community in exchange for some free press. You might propose that in exchange for providing their professional resources, you will give them a shout out across your social media or in a press release.

Local support doesn’t necessarily mean drumming up cold hard cash everywhere you go. Start simple. Ask to post fliers promoting your shoe fundraiser in a local grocery store or post office. Canvas your neighborhood and bolster support from your neighbors by laying out the benefits of fundraising and clearly stating the cause that you wish to raise money for. 

Grab a team to better your speed of success

6. Celebrate your team and your success!

Once you have wrapped up your fundraiser and received payment from Angel Bins, it’s time to recognize those who helped along the way. Plan a celebration for both donors and volunteers that helped you to achieve you fundraising goals (even if you didn’t hit your originally intended goal). These people worked hard to make sure that you received the necessary support for your cause and they deserve recognition. 

Host a dinner or plan a block party at the end of your shoe fundraiser to really bring everyone together. This will make your participants feel appreciated and also motivate people to get involved when the time comes to plan future drives. While the funds raised are an important component to your measured success, the people involved are the true key to successfully fundraising.

celebrate the success of your shoe fundraiser

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Written by Max Weinstone