Are you looking for successful corporate fundraising ideas to implement right away? The best way to increase money to the bottom line of your fundraising event is through corporate sponsors. “The more corporate sponsors you have, the more money you’ll net.”

Sponsorship is a two-way path between charity and corporate. The charity benefits from the fundraising event’s expenses and the company get exposure, low-cost marketing, and goodwill.

Sponsors will quickly boost the overall revenue generated by your fundraising event. Not every organization is an unbeaten sponsor prospect, and wisely selecting sponsor prospects is based on the relationships you have significantly improved your chances for success.

1) Corporate Sponsorships

Corporate Sponsorships- Fundraising

Corporate Sponsorship is a great fundraising idea that can bring in a lot of money. No matter the size of the fundraiser, you’ll be able to find help. All you have to do is steadily find and choose which organizations in your community have the resources and are interested in supporting your project.

A sponsorship is a win-win exchange between the two collaborative parties. The sponsor grants financial aid to your fundraiser while you showcase their efforts in social responsibility to the community.

2) Grants


Grants are amounts of money given by a government or other organization for a particular purpose. For this monetary fundraising idea, most of the time, there is an application process in which you will have first to qualify. Although grants are highly competitive, should you receive one, they can be extremely helpful in filling gaps in fundraising minimums.

To start looking for potential grants, you can begin researching online databases that can help you find different opportunities that relate to your particular fundraising project. Once you have a few that can benefit your organization, begin applying and describing why it should go to you. Remember to give as much detail and be sincere so that the grantor will fully understand your project!

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