Need ideas to fundraise? Are you the person in charge? Maybe you were just elected to the PTA Board, or selected as “team parent” for Pop Warner?

Thankfully you landed here to read this blog. Yay! -Your search is over!  Hosting an Angel Bins shoe drive fundraiser is a great way to raise $$$. Set up a 4 week campaign to get the word out. Give your participants and supporters a call to action to collect unwanted shoes. Simply clean out your closets. -Its that easy!- Angel Bins will pay your organization ‘per pound’ for the shoes collected. The more you collect, the more money you make. With Angel Bins you will be able to raise funds without having to do a complicated, messy, or costly fundraiser. With Angel Bins there is nothing to buy, nothing to sell, and no cost to you. Hosting an Angel Bins shoe drive is a big WIN-WIN!

Since 2012, we have facilitated fundraisers with schools, scouts, churches, adoptions, national charities, corporations, medical fundraisers, teams, etc. to help generate over $1.8 million dollars!

Check out these amazing shoe drive success stories…

  • The Valenzuela family hosted an adoption fundraiser to bring home their beautiful  daughter. The community joined in support to collect shoes. They exceeded expectations, and set a record raising $17,964.00!
  • Woodbridge High School needed to raise funds to travel to Hawaii for a big game. They raised $7,589.40 by hosting an Angel Bins shoe drive!
  • Rotary Club of Beaumont was heartbroken when they heard about a baby who desperately needed a lifesaving surgery that insurance would not cover. The Rotary Club rallied the community and raised $9,731.40 collecting shoes to raise funds for Baby Cora’s medical needs!
  • The Girl Scouts of Western Washington did a shoe drive to raise $7,889.00 to help fund their STEM learning travel to Europe.
  • Hermosa Elementary School PTA raised $5,299.00!
  • Valverde School of Performing Arts hosts an annual shoe drive fundraiser. This year they raised $6,256.80!

It’s amazing that unwanted, unused shoes, can be turned into needed funds. We’d love to help your program have a success story. Contact us to get started on your Angel Bins shoe drive fundraiser.