Promote Your Shoe Fundraiser and Increase Visibility

It is no secret that we live in a digital age of constantly advancing technology. Whether you are a seasoned vet in the fundraising world, or this is your very first shoe fundraiser, this blog will help you learn to increase your organization’s visibility and make your voice heard. 

Here we will cover the basics and also go over a few advanced tactics to help you cast a wide net across multiple platforms in order to reach the largest audience possible. The best part is, implementing many of these strategies can be done at no cost and from the comfort of your own home. 

Social media and your shoe fundraiser

There are various tools at your disposal that will help you make the most of your time on social media when promoting your shoe fundraiser. One important aspect of self-promotion across social media is making sure that you are targeting the right audience. Of course creating interesting and informative content is ideal, but it will amount to little if you aren’t reaching the right people.

Start by defining your target audience. This will help you to gain a clear idea of who you want to see and interact with your posts across social media, and help you refine them in order to maximize your success.

Find profiles or group pages that are relevant to your cause and use this as a springboard to launch your own social media campaign. You may find it beneficial to reach out or follow people who interact with pages similar to your own. Pay attention to what kinds of posts, hashtags, and keywords get the most attention, and draw ideas from these posts when creating your own content. 

promote your shoe fundraiser through your social media

Who else is running a shoe fundraiser?

Once you discover pages and profiles relevant to your cause, it may be tempting to begin “mass following” these profiles in order to boost the number of people who see your content. In theory, this makes sense, however, when put into practical application this method of canvasing may not prove to be the most effective use of your time. 

Undoubtedly, some of these accounts will be “bots”, or scam accounts that will not benefit you as followers. Others may be real but perhaps inactive, thus not adding to your viewership. Followers that don’t actually care about your posts or your cause will not do you any good. When reaching out in an effort to network, take a moment to review some of the profiles you plan to follow. Indicators of fake accounts include things like accounts that have made few or no posts over the last several months/years, as well as incoherent or jumbled content that appear to have been auto-generated by a computer program. 

Get your entire neighborhood involved in your shoe fundraiser

Engage your audience

One of the fundamental strategies used by online marketing teams is engagement. The most people that you can get talking about your posts, the better chance you have of gaining traction towards increased donations for your shoe fundraiser. Most social media platforms operate on a series of algorithms that determine how many people are exposed to your content. The more people that comment, like, or interact with your posts, the more it will be seen by other users. 

Ask your followers questions, create a survey, be present with your followers, and you will ultimately increase the reach of your organization and boost the success of your shoe fundraiser. 

Engage with your audience and let them know what you're up to.

Timing is important

While there is no exact “golden hour” for you to post on social media, numerous studies have proven that there are optimal times for promoting yourself online. You will increase the chances of people discovering your content by posting on days or times when most of your followers are online. 

You may find it useful to learn how to use Google Analytics or a similar tracking tool to find out some details about your profile. If you have a blog or similar page, these tools will help you determine what times you are likely to have the largest spikes in web traffic. 

Research the best times to post to engage the most of your followers

Include visuals of people having fun at your shoe fundraiser

As seen in this very blog, adding a visual component is a great way to break up large walls of text, and boost visibility. Studies have shown that people are more likely to interact with posts online that contain pictures, gifs, or videos. Not only do these types of posts gain more traction and attract more followers, but people will also better retain the information if visuals are included. 

Use hashtags #shoefundraiser

Learning to properly use hashtags is an invaluable skill that will help you just about every social media platform. Twitter advises that you use no more than three hashtags per post to avoid looking desperate or like a spam account. Whatever types of hashtags you choose just remember to stay focused on things that pertain to your shoe fundraiser avoid forcing them into your content unnaturally. 

Most platforms also allow you to see what hashtags are currently trending. Use this information to do your own researching and find out what kind of key word or phrase will be most effective in promoting your shoe fundraiser. 

Decorate your posts with anything regarding a shoe fundraiser making your message clear

Share content

When you share someone else’s content, you are increasing the likelihood that their followers will be attracted to your profile or page. Sharing the content of others will also bring some variation to your profile and help to keep things interesting for your followers. Sharing other people’s content is a great addition, but don’t forget to create your own as well! Cross promote your social media accounts in order to attract more followers to all of them and increase visibility for your shoe fundraiser. 

Post your hashtags across all your social platforms

Use social media to increase donations for your shoe fundraiser

Hopefully, these tips will help you to efficiently increase your presence across social media when your shoe fundraiser. By creating compelling content online and tailoring it to reach a specific audience, you will get more people involved, and ultimately raise more money for your cause!

To set up your fundraiser today, please call 888-924-1110 or complete our contact form and our fundraising coordinator will help you get started.

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Written by Max Weinstone