So you might be thinking to yourself, what is a pallet?  How can I get one? Don’t worry just yet, we are here to help. We will guide you every step of the way. You can always just order them online, but wooden pallets are everywhere and easy to get for free.

Our top suggestion is simple! Visit small, independent or locally-owned garden stores, nurseries, hardware stores, local businesses, grocery stores and warehouse loading docks. Look for a (4’ x 4’) wooden pallet and ask them if they have any extras that they aren’t using! Typically you see pallets tossed on the side or back of buildings, stop by and ask if they can donate one. If that doesn’t work for you we recommend to visit your local Home Depot store. Ask someone there, if they can donate a pallet(s) to your cause! 9 times out of 10, the answer is yes! You wouldn’t believe how easy it is.

Since you do have plenty of time to plan for your pick up, you can also can check out the internet! Check out Craigslist and Facebook. People post their free stuff on Craigslist and Facebook all the time. It would be a great way to get the ball rolling. Make a post or search around if there are some locally. Reach out to friends and local businesses, you’d be surprised how accessible pallets can be.

Wooden pallet - Fundraising Ideas

Oftentimes you see pallets lying around the side or the back of buildings. Remember, don’t assume they are free! It would be reasonable to assume that they are unwanted being left out, but always ask first before taking.

Top 6 Places to get a Free Pallet

                              1. Local Warehouses or Loading Docks
                              2. Grocery Stores or Local Shopping Centers
                              3. Liquor Stores
                              4. Home Depot (ask if they can donate one)
                              5. Local pallet recycler or distributor
                              6. Craigslist, Facebook, Social Media

                           Wondering how many bags/boxes fit on a pallet? You can place up to 50 bags or 20 (18x18x24) boxes per pallet. But we would not tell you to stop there! The sky’s the limit. Literally, you can stack boxes on a pallet up to 9 ft high. Don’t forget to neatly and tightly pack up your pallets. When doing so, make sure to use extra shrink wrap to make sure the freight is secure. Remember, if the pallet is left overnight make sure to keep it covered to avoid any water damage in case it rains. The carrier nor Angel Bins will not accept wet freight. Please keep these guidelines in mind prior to your pick up date to avoid any issues.

                           Check out these YouTube videos on How to Prepare your Pallet with Boxes or Bags.

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