A shoe drive may be a lot easier than you know!

Easy steps to get started on your shoe drive fundraiser

Organizing a shoe drive fundraiser is an excellent way to raise money for a cause or community that you care about while also making a global impact and reducing your own carbon footprint. Organizers first collect or task others to collect new and gently worn shoes from their community, then package the shoes for collection, and once the shoes are weighed and inspected a check is sent to the organizers to spend as they see fit.

If you have never organized a shoe drive or similar fundraiser before, don’t be intimidated, Angel Bins is here to help. After reading this blog you will be so well versed in the nuances of fundraising that organizing a shoe drive will seem like a walk in the park!


Taking the first step towards a successful shoe drive

Take the right steps to get started on your shoe drive

If you are unsure where to start, be sure to contact Angel Bins by either filling out our contact form or by calling 213-458-9896 to speak to a fundraising guide. Once you are registered to run a shoe drive with Angel Bins your personal fundraising guide will aide you in organizing your shoe drive fundraiser every step of the way. 

You will receive a welcome packet email containing useful guides, videos, and downloadable material to help you get started. In addition to these materials, your fundraising guide will help you to promote your shoe drive across social media platforms and even submit press releases to local news and radio stations.

If your organization has a slogan or logo, your fundraising guide will provide you with a template to use for creating personalized fliers or canvasing material. 


Outlining goals

Outlining your goals is a great way to start


While registering your shoe drive fundraiser you will be asked to give an approximate pickup date. Keep in mind that this date may be changed at any time with 24 hour notice and there is no penalty for either reducing or extending your timeline. This date will simply provide you and your team with a rough estimate for when you will reach your collection goal


Type of shoe drive:

Before you begin collecting, you are advised to choose what type of shoe drive you wish to organize. 

If you choose to collect for a mixed shoe drive you may collect all sizes and types of shoes except for fuzzy slippers, high heels, or metal bottom cleats. The minimum pickup requirement for the mixed shoe drive is 1500 lbs (keep in mind that one pair is roughly one pound). 


Alternatively, you may decide to organize an athletic shoe drive where only athletic sneakers are accepted. The benefits of running an athletic shoe drive include a lower pickup minimum (700 lbs) and a higher pay rate (athletic = $1.50 per lb vs mixed = $0.40 per lb). 

Perhaps you find it easier to collect all types of shoes or maybe you want a little more bang for your buck by restricting your shoe drive to athletic shoes only, but whatever you determine, it is recommended that you decide beforehand so that you may optimize collection.

If you happen to be in Southern California another option to maximize your profit is to drop off your collected shoes directly to Angel Bins.



How do you plan to collect donations during your shoe drive?

Once you have a good outline of your goals it is time to begin collecting for your shoe drive! 

Collection experiences will be unique to each individual organizer depending on how they have decided to promote and strategize their drive. Keep in mind that you want donation to your shoe drive to be as convenient and accessible as possible. It may also be useful to get others from your community involved and publicize your shoe drive across social media.

If you have access or ownership to property that you feel is secure, consider establishing a permanent drop off box for anyone who wishes to donate at their leisure. 

Use the resources provided to you by Angel Bins and be sure to check out our other blogs for unique ideas that will help you to maximize the success of your shoe drive fundraiser. 


Scheduling pickup:

All shipping is handled with Angel Bins

Once you have collected the required weight, it is time to schedule a pick up. 

Make sure that all of the shoes that you have collected are packaged according to the guidelines provided to you by your fundraising guide. Each pair of shoes must be tied or rubber banded together than places in cardboard boxes and placed on a pallet. Often times, organizers have found that grocery or hardware stores are willing to part with their boxes or pallets at no cost. 

If you are required to purchase any packaging materials including boxes or pallets, save your receipts and Angel Bins will reimburse you, as there will be no out of pocket cost at any point during your fundraiser.  

Keep in mind that the date you initially specified when first organizing your drive may be changed at any time with 24 hour notice. Once your pickup is scheduled, a truck will be sent to your provided location and the driver will load your collected items.


Get paid for your shoe drive:

Get paid for your shoe drive fundraiser

Upon receiving, inspecting, and weighing the shoes collected during your  fundraiser, a check will be made out to you or your organization. You should receive payment in approximately two weeks after your collections have been received and from there the money is yours to do with what you wish!

The great thing about running a shoe drive fundraiser is that there is no limit to how much money you can raise! You may collect, repeat, and get paid as many times as you want, all while making a positive impact! Your old shoes will be given a second life by someone new, as all shoes collected through Angel Bins ultimately make their way to underdeveloped nations to help families in need. 

To set up your fundraiser today, please call 213-458-9896 or complete our contact form and our fundraising coordinator will help you get started.

Written by: Max Weinstone