Got Extra Shoes? Donate Them to those in Need!

Over the next few weeks many Americans will find themselves adopting an “out with the old, in with the new” attitude as spring cleaning comes into full bloom! Amongst the piles and boxes of things you’ve been meaning to get rid of for ages, there may be a way for you to do good and make a little money in the process. Organizing a Shoe Drive fundraiser is a great way to de-clutter your home while making an impact worldwide!

Clean out your closet and donate what you no longer need.

Why is this impactful?

If you find that your shoe closet contains a pair (or ten) too many, donating some of these old shoes is a step in the right direction! Rather than adding to the tens of millions of tons of textiles dumped into landfills each year, finding your old soles a new home is also beneficial to the environment. While donating is great, fundraising allows you to support important causes within your community while also creating opportunity for those in need globally. One thing you may consider is that if the shoes you plan on donating are still in decent or gently worn condition, they may qualify as collected items for a shoe drive fundraiser.

Used shoes in good condition can be collected in a shoe drive to raise money

Isn’t running a shoe drive fundraiser the same thing as making a donation?

There are a few key details that differentiate simply donating your old shoes and organizing a shoe drive fundraiser. One crucial distinction to keep in mind is that when you donate, your old shoes will be given or resold to those in need. By organizing a shoe drive fundraiser, however, your old shoes still make it to those in need but this time you actually reap a portion of the rewards by being paid per each pound of shoes collected during your fundraiser. 

There are few greater feelings than helping those less fortunate than ourselves. Shoe drive fundraising is an incredibly simple way to help others while also making a positive impact within your own community. What you decide to do with the funds collected from your fundraiser is entirely up to you. Whether you are looking to bolster your PTA treasury, raise money for a local sports team or school club, or perhaps start a fund to cover medical expenses, running a shoe drive fundraiser is a great way to make money and give back to those who need it most.

There are also no out of pocket costs when organizing a fundraiser with Angel Bins, as we cover packaging and shipping expenses meaning that every cent that you raise can go directly to your cause! 

Donate or Collect as a Shoe Drive, both are great options for keeping your old shoes out of a landfill

What if I have never organized a Shoe Drive fundraiser before?

The prospect of running a shoe drive fundraiser may seem daunting at first, and initially it may appear easier just to drop off old shoes at your local Goodwill or Salvation Army. While donation is a great alternative to simply throwing old shoes away, consider how easy it would be to get paid for something that you’re already planning on doing anyway. There are many resources available through Angel Bins, including our own unique fundraising ideas and other downloadable materials. These will help you to better navigate the ins and outs of first-time fundraising and make the entire experience smooth, fun, and successful!

Upon filling out our contact form or by reaching out to Angel Bins via phone or email, you will immediately be matched with your very own personal fundraiser guide. Your guide will provide you with invaluable resources and videos on how to run a successful shoe drive fundraiser from start to finish. They will also work with you to help build awareness about your fundraiser by crafting personalized social media content and creating press releases to be used by local news outlets.

Angel Bins provides you with a dedicated shoe drive fundraising guide

Where should I collect shoes?

One great aspect of shoe drive fundraising is that it allows for your charitable side to get creative! There is no set formula for exactly how you should go about getting people to donate their old shoes, but there are plenty of ideas in our previous blog posts to help you get started. Some organizers choose to set up a designated drop off box where anyone may drop off old shoes at any time, allowing them to pick up a large sum periodically. A great way to elevate your fundraiser is to make it convenient so that it will persuade more people in your community to get involved. One organizer left fliers attached to plastic bags on the doorsteps of their community. The fliers explained their shoe drive and stated what cause they were raising money for, asking that any old shoes they wished to donate be placed in the bags overnight. The next morning when the organizers came to collect the bags they were pleased to find that a great number of them were filled with shoes!

This is a great example of how convenience played a key part in fundraising. Getting all of your neighbors to collect and bring shoes to you comes with an array of obstacles. If all they have to do is walk to their doorstep, a lot of the hesitation is removed. Getting your entire community involved in a low effort, high impact fundraiser will be easy if you utilize what you now know about shoe drive fundraising!

Create your own rules during your shoe drive fundraiser

Okay I collected the shoes, now what?

Once you have collected your goal weight, your guide will work with you to establish a convenient pick up date and send a truck to you for collection. The specifications for packaging the shoes will all be included in an introductory packet emailed to you by your fundraising guide and as mentioned, you will be reimbursed for all packaging materials so keep your receipts! If you are close to the Los Angeles area, call Angel Bins to find out how you can be paid even more per pound by dropping off.

From here there is not much left for you to do but wait. A truck will arrive at the provided pick up address and within a few weeks of receiving your collected shoes, Angel Bins will mail you a check to spend as you see fit! 

How your fundraiser is making a global impact

What happens to all of the shoes from my Shoe Drive fundraiser?

Each pair of shoes collected by Angel Bins is cleaned, inspected, and then shipped to developing nations to be resold by micro-entrepreneurs. These small business owners pay a nominal amount for these shoes to use as inventory in their stores and businesses. Not only are the men and women reselling these shoes able to support themselves and their families, but their entire community will also benefit by having affordable access to reliable footwear.

What you collect during a shoe drive not only puts money in your hands, but in the hands of those who need it most


To set up your fundraiser today, please call 213-458-9896 or complete our contact form and our fundraising coordinator will help you get started.


Written by: Max Weinstone