Follow these 3 steps to meet your fundraising goals?

The holiday break is over and the new year is here. School is back in session, and the reality sets in that you have not yet met your fundraising goals.

Winter and Spring fundraising can certainly be more challenging than Fall momentum. In January, supporters are often burned out and simply tired of spending money. How will you meet your fundraising goals?

1. STOP SELLING: Are you tired of buying candy bars and selling raffle tickets? Host a no cost Angel Bins shoe drive fundraiser. With nothing to buy and nothing to sell it’s a big win. Simply ask your supporters to clean out their closets and collect gently used shoes. Angel Bins will pay your school for the shoes collected.

2. WHO AND HOW: Is your school’s budget in need? If funds are short, then it is important to meet the need. Tell neighbors, supporters, and the community about your school, what your program needs are, and how they can help. People love to help. Especially when you are not asking them to buy something.

3. IMPLEMENT WITH DETERMINATION: Do you have a plan? Organize a 4 week Angel Bins shoe drive campaign. Seek volunteers to help. Get the word out. Set collection goals.

Fundraising success is no accident. If you follow the 3 step plan, the money will come, and you will meet your fundraising goals. You can do it!

For more information, to schedule a fundraiser, and step by step coaching, contact the Angel Bins team at https://angelbins.com.

3 Simple Steps

Meeting fundraising goals can be a challenge for some organizations. Follow these 3 steps to meet you fundraising goals…

    1. Tell Your Story: People like to help. And they especially like to help good causes. Be passionate and also tell your neighbors and community of supporters how your organization benefits the community. What does your organization do? Why  do you need to raise funds? Everyone wants to get caught up in a good cause therefor, let your donors know about your story. Weather you are fundraising for your PTA, PTO, camp, a sports team, cheer team, or missions project, you have a story.  Tell them about important work you do, or the need to purchase new uniforms, or provide travel funds or scholarships. Be enthusiastic!
    2. Establish Responsibilities and Deadlines: When you need to raise funds, do it with intent and decide who will be in charge. What is this persons responsibilities? Who will help this person? What is the deadline to meet this fundraising goal? What kind of fundraiser will you do? How much will you need to raise? What are the necessary steps to assure you raise the needed funds? Hold everyone accountable to keep on track. In addition, if your organization sets firm deadlines and responsibilities you will stay on track and meet your fundraising goals.

Last But Not Least…

3. Host an Angel Bins Shoe Drive: Angel Bins Shoe drive fundraisers offer a no cost solution, making unique and easy fundraising. Since there is nothing to buy, and nothing to sell, your supporters will be thrilled. All they have to do is clean out their closet and donate the shoes that are no longer needed in support of your fundraising efforts. Angel Bins will pay your organization per pound for shoe collected. Since 2012 Angel Bins has helped schools and charities raise over $2 million dollars!

We can help you too. Contact us today. We love to help!