You’re hosting a shoe drive and need some tips? Below are some good ways to host a successful and organized shoe drive.

First tip:

TALK ABOUT IT! Set goals, make flyers, talk it up on social media, and share away within your community! Think about where you can place boxes for shoes. See if you can get local news to share your story. Talk to the local clubs such as the rotary club to see if they will help. Share daily on social media, update your totals, and keep everyone pumped! Your story matters and the more you share the more people care!

As the shoes come in you are going to start counting. Rubber band 25 pairs of gently used shoes together and put them in a black trash bag. As you sort your shoes check for holes, check for intact soles, and makes sure the shoes are paired. With every bag having 25 pairs of shoes, it’s so easy to know how many pairs you have and so easy to share where you’re at and how much further you have to go! If you have unmatched shoes you can make a door hanging like the one below!

Raise the bar high and go to it!

*tip place small children’s shoes in a different bag