Partner With Angel Bins for Your Shoe Drive Fundraiser

It's easy to start fundraising with an Angel Bins shoe drive

AngelBins Shoes displayed on grassIlan Ramon AngelBins FundraiserIf you're looking to make a big impact with your next fundraiser, we can help! Shoe drives have been our most popular and successful fundraisers. We have worked with several organizations that have raised over $10,000 dollars!

When you host a shoe drive fundraiser, there is NO COST to you. Simply ask your community to support your cause by donating gently used or new, wearable shoes. The more pairs you collect, the more money you'll raise for your cause!

We offer local pick-up, fill a truck programs, and mail in Angel Boxes. While programs and pricing vary, we offer shoe drive options in 48 states. An Angel Bins Fundraising Coordinator will help you with all of the details, sharing with you the keys to a successful shoe drive. We'll talk with you about your fundraising goals and help you determine the best way to achieve them.

Angel Bins Shoe Drive Options