Angel Bins New Fundraising Ideas 2015


Ideas For Fundraising

Unique fundraising ideas for non profit organizations, schools, sports teams, churches are a big topic of discussion. It seems every program needs to raise money and they are seeking new ideas for fundraising.

The reality is there is no easy fundraising. – Successful fundraising requires a committed group of volunteers, a planned timeline, a clear purpose, and good fundraising ideas. Here is a checklist for success to establish before you get started:

Finally, you should list your groups top fundraising ideas, and decide which one to move forward with.

Angel Bins clothing drive fundraisers and shoe drive fundraisers have been the most successful fundraising options. Simply ask supporters to clean out their closet and donate gently used clothing, or shoes, or both in supports of your cause. The items are weighed and your organization is paid per pound.

Angel Bins simple fundraising idea is a great choice for your church, temple, school, team, adoption, school, or charity. It is free and eco friendly fundraising as well. Please fill out our web form or call us at 888/924-1110 for more information on best fundraising ideas. Angel Bins is a national leader in recycling fundraisers, having generated nearly1 million dollars for non profit programs. ~We would love to help your organization.