Fundraising is necessary for many organizations, but doing it well can really take a lot of time and energy. Some fundraisers even cost money out of pocket upfront! If you’re short on time or help and don’t want to spend a lot of money upfront to make a little, engaging a fundraising expert can really save your sanity!

If you’re looking for some really great fundraising ideas, we’ve got you covered. Angel Bins specializes in shoe drive fundraisers, but we have many years of experience in fundraising and lots of fun ideas. We’ve got 30 easy fundraising ideas for you on our website. Read on for more on how working with an expert fundraising organization saves time and maximizes your results.

Save Time, Raise More Money

When you choose to work with a fundraising expert, you’ll save so much time and effort. Not only that, but you’ll maximize your results and money raised. Less effort and better results? Yes, please!

Organizing an effective and engaging fundraising drive takes concentrated effort, but many organizations just don’t have the resources to do it well. That’s where an expert advisor or partner comes into play. There are numerous ways we can help you optimize your time, energy, and results:

  • Fundraising Ideas – We offer 30 simple and fun ways to raise money for your cause, no matter if you’re an individual or an organization.
  • Planning and Organization (Administration) – To avoid the most common pitfalls of most fundraising efforts, you’ll need a solid plan. Rushed decisions usually aren’t great ones. To ensure your events go smoothly, a partner can provide expert planning and advice on the administrative tasks required.
  • Engaging Your Audience – Expert fundraisers know all the tricks to get folks interested and involved! From utilizing online platforms to more grassroots efforts, we’ve got some tips you’ve probably never heard about!
  • Motivating Fundraisers – When it comes to getting and keeping folks motivated to raise money, we’ve got some great fundraising ideas for you there as well!
  • Rewarding a Job Well Done – When your event is over, we encourage you to reward fundraising stakeholders and celebrate the success of your event. This will keep people invested in your cause, ready to donate or help again when you need it.

An expert partner will help you throughout the fundraising process, from great fundraising ideas to earn more money in less time.

Partner with Angel Bins for a Shoe Drive Fundraiser

In developing nations, many people earn less than $2/day. Put yourself in their shoes (or lack thereof). How would you feed your children and protect them with shoes on their little feet?

An easy shoe drive fundraiser costs nothing out of pocket. You need not buy or sell, but such an event does wonders to help those less fortunate. Angel Bins works with you so that underserved communities around the world can have their basic needs, just as we are so fortunate to have here in the US.

Working with an expert partner means having meaningful guidance, encouragement, and support along the way. Angel Bins offers you results-driven, easy, affordable, and environmentally sustainable ways to raise as much money as you want for your cause.

3 Easy Steps to Hosting a Successful Shoe Fundraiser with Angel Bins

Working with Angel Bins is super easy, requiring only a simple three-step process:

  • You collect good quality, gently used, and/or brand-new shoes around your local community.
  • Pack the shoes, paired neatly, into bags or boxes as detailed in the Angel Bins instructions provided to you.
  • Call us to set up a time and date that works best for you, and we will collect the shoes. We can pick them up any time Monday through Friday, between the hours of 1-5 PM.

Angel Bins washes the shoes and sends them on to places in the world where they will benefit those in need. We pay top dollar for the shoes you collect, have the lowest minimums, and arrange a pick-up that works for you!

Make a Positive Impact with Fundraiser Ideas with Angel Bins

Besides shoe drive fundraisers, we have 29 more easy and fun fundraising ideas on our website. If you’re ready to do some “Fundraising with Sole”, contact us today. Angel Bins has lots of great ideas for fundraisers, and we have the experience you need to make a shoe drive a stomping success!