Esperanza High School’s Ladies Lacrosse hosted a shoe drive fundraiser and raised $1,441.00. They needed to raise funds to purchase equipment, Penneys (practice uniforms), and pay for tournaments.

We love to hear fundraising ideas and success tips from programs we work with. Here is what Esperanza Lacrosse shared…

Why did you decide to do a shoe drive?

“The idea of fundraising can scare off some folks! As our lacrosse team fundraising/marketing manager, I knew that I needed to come up with some ideas that wouldn’t be more money out of a hard-working-parent’s-pocket. In addition, I wanted to find a fundraiser that the girls/team members/players could participate in – hands on – so they could feel like they truly contributed and helped earn this money for their team. Showing them that collecting shoes from their friends/family/neighbors wasn’t difficult, they really embraced the idea. To kick things off, we turned it into a contest! We gathered for a pancake breakfast at our booster president’s house, and then divided the girls into 3 teams. Each team grabbed a wagon and ran off into the surrounding neighborhood to go door to door asking for shoes. They had 1 hour. Whichever team came back with the most shoes, tied them together, and counted and bagged them, won a free movie pass and a free popcorn (donated by our local movie theater!). The winning team came back with over 150 pairs of shoes!”

Success tips to share:

1. “Get the team involved! So often, parents just write a check or sell items for their kids. But with the Angel Bin shoe drive, the kids can really do it on their own! Kicking off with the team contest helped girls who were a bit shy in learning how to word things when asking someone for their shoes.”

2. “Social media!! Use it!!! We asked all parents to post on their Facebook pages, put a box for collection at their place of employment, in their gym, etc. We asked the girls/players to post on Twitter, Snap Chat, etc. We also posted on community Facebook pages and received HUNDREDS of pairs of shoes from the community. We found that strangers WANT to help your team out, but not everyone has extra cash to BUY something from a fundraiser. Angel Bins is the PERFECT fundraiser to allow people to help your team without breaking their bank!”

3. “Constantly update your team and community about the progress you’re making. We collected hundreds of additional pairs of shoes just TWO DAYS before our cut off date by announcing on social media that it was our last call.”

We thank Esperanza High School Ladies Lacrosse for sharing their successful fundraising ideas and we wish the Ladies Aztecs an AWESOME season!

For more information on hosting a shoe drive for your team, contact Angel Bins at 888-924-1110.