School - Shoe drive Fundraisers

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It’s that time of year…School fundraiser time! Instead of another been-there-bought-that cookie dough sale, why not try something new this year? And while you’re at it, why not make it a smashing success?! If you’re looking for fundraising ideas for schools, consider the following five things to make your funding drive a hit, regardless of what you choose to do! We’ve got more easy fundraising ideas for you on our website, plus we’ll talk a little bit about a really fun one below.

When you’re ready to take your school fundraiser to the next level, you’ll want to employ the five ideas you see here. We’ll go into each one in a bit more detail, so you know exactly what to do! Here’s the list:


1. Plan Ahead to Ensure a Successful Fundraising Drive

Get a head start on planning your fundraising events to avoid the pitfalls of most event planning. Rushed decisions typically aren’t great ones. Plan ahead so that your events go smoothly, you have an idea of what to expect (and so do all stakeholders, from parents and students to donors, teachers, and school administrators), and have plenty of time to get the word out. 

If this is one of your top fundraising ideas for schools, taking the time to plan well for your events will make all the difference for a successful outcome!

Planning - School Fundraising Ideas

2. Engage Donors Through Your School’s Website and Social Media

Your school has a website, so use it to your advantage to spread the word about your upcoming fundraising drive and events! Then hop on over to the school’s social media accounts. 

Creating a social media presence around events allows supporters to share the information and maybe even get donations from people outside your immediate area (like relatives who live far away). It also encourages student fundraisers to tout their progress and facilitates a friendly sense of competition!

School - Fundraising ideas

3. Motivate Students with Fun Competitions

Speaking of competition, work it into your funding drive for remarkable results! Keep events friendly and informal so as not to turn student fundraisers into competitive monsters, but a little healthy competition is good for the spirit! 

Having classes or grades compete to see who can raise the most and reward them with small but meaningful prizes (like a pizza party or public announcement of their victory) will create a winning attitude that ensures the fundraiser is a hit!

4. Reward Donors and Student Fundraisers with School Spirit Prizes

And since we mentioned rewards, let’s talk about ‘em. Reward donors with public recognition and student fundraisers with small prizes that motivate them, and hand out school swag (t-shirts and hats, etc.) as you go. It’s a win-win. They get motivated to raise more, rewarded for their contribution, and the school gets a vivid school spirit on display.

Rewards - School Fundraising Ideas

5. Celebrate Your Successful Event with Those Who Made It A Success!

This one goes hand-in-hand with rewarding supporters and fundraisers along the way. Make sure to plan something to celebrate the overall success of your funding drive! A lot of people worked hard and donated to make it such a success (even if you didn’t hit your goal), so take the time to thank them. This will encourage future participation, as well.

Partner with Angel Bins for a Shoe Drive Fundraiser

Many people around the world make less than $2 a day. To earn $60 a month, they’d have to work every single day! And whatever they can earn is all they have to feed, clothe, and care for their families. Put yourself in their shoes (or lack thereof, in most cases). 

An easy shoe drive fundraiser for schools’ costs little to nothing out of pocket and does wonders to help those less fortunate around the world, helping them to provide for and protect their families. Angel Bins is in this and work with you so that these underserved communities can have their most basic needs met, just as we are so fortunate to have.

3 Easy Steps to Hosting a Successful Shoe Drive Fundraiser with Angel Bins

Working with Angel Bins is an easy, three-step process:

  • You collect quality, gently used, or brand-new shoes in your local community.
  • Pack the paired shoes neatly in bags or boxes per the detailed Angel Bins instructions provided to you.
  • Call us to come pick them up at a time and date that works best for you. We can collect them any time Monday through Friday, between the hours of 1 and 5 PM.

Angel Bins cleans the shoes and sends them to places where they will benefit those most in need.

Make a Positive Impact with an Easy Fundraiser for Your School with Angel Bins

There are 29 more easy fundraising ideas for schools on our website. But if you’re ready to do some “Fundraising with Sole”, reach out to us. Angel Bins is here to help, and we have the experience you need to make your school shoe drive a stomping success!