Gathering funds for your little ones is hard enough when schools already struggle due to significant cutbacks. That’s why Angel Bins offers an easy fundraising idea for preschools. During the school year, little ones tend to grow out of their shoes pretty quickly! The shoes that they once walked into the classroom at the beginning of the year no longer fits towards the end. So what does this have to do with anything? it’s quite simple. You can start a fundraiser by collecting all of those shoes that have been outgrown! That’s right. Not only is it free, it is also environmentally friendly and super easy to do.

Collecting shoes for fundraising is a great and easy solution to meet any budget, big or small! By hosting a shoe drive fundraiser, you can help kids understand the power of giving back. Not only will your preschool earn all the funds they collect, the shoes will be distributed globally reaching the soles of little kids around the globe.

So how would this work exactly? When you host an Angel Bins shoe drive fundraiser all you have to do is collect shoes. Your preschool sets your own timeline. You collect shoes. When you are done, we arrange for a pick up. You get paid based off your total weights. It really is a unique school fundraiserEasy fundraising ideas are hard to come by. Hosting a shoe drive is not.

Next time you are looking for easy fundraisers for kids think of a children’s shoe drive. Angel Bins guides you through the process and provides you with marketing materials such as a custom made flyer for your preschool, as well and helps you with social media promotion. Our team is passionate and eager to help you with your preschool fundraiser. On average our preschools earn around $1,000.00 in one single shoe drive fundraiser. Contact us today and learn how you and your little ones can start earning funds today!

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