Once you decide to host a shoe drive fundraiser,  the next step is to create an informational flyer that can be shared in your community.


The community flyer should include the following details:


Hosting a shoe drive fundraiser


The name of your school, team, club or organization that is hosting or will benefit from the shoe drive fundraiser. You will also want to use your logo or mascot, school colors, a team photo, your “branding” when you create your flyer.


Clearly let your audience know exactly why you are hosting a shoe drive fundraiser. For Example; “to raise funds for 5th graders to attend science camp”.


Your campaign timeline indicating the duration which you will be collecting shoes.


Where and when to bring in the shoes? Be specific: “Bring collected shoes to the red tent at the soccer field on game days through the month of June”.


What kind of shoes you are collecting? (athletic shoes, mixed shoes, children’s shoes). Shoes must be paired with rubber bands or tied laces, no holes, good soles, clean and dry.


Who can I contact if I need more information? Who can I contact if I have shoes that need to be picked up?

You can create one or more flyers based on your audience(s). If you are fundraising for a school this might mean creating a flyer for the students to take home to their parents explaining what will be involved in hosting this fundraiser.

To schedule a shoe drive fundraiser and for assistance creating your flyer, contact us today.