Researching fundraising options? This is the month that you are likely searching the internet for fall fundraising ideas. Why not host a shoe drive fundraiser?

As you gather ideas to present at your next booster club, PTA Fundraiser, or coaches meeting, you will likely contact us to with specific questions. This blog will review the 4 most common questions:

Q: How much will we make hosting an Angel Bins shoe drive fundraiser?

A: You can make anywhere in between $175.00 to $17,964.00, or more, by hosting just one shoe drive. And if you host an ongoing fundraiser you can make more. For example, the Precious Life Shelter has raised $52,281.99!  The more you collect, the more you raise.

Q: What kinds of shoes can we collect?

A: You can collect gently used and new shoes that are paired. Shoe should have no holes, good soles, and be clean and dry.

We offer athletic shoe drives, mixed shoe drives, and children’s shoe drives. Since Angel Bins offers different shoe drive programs regionally, please contact us to verify the option available in your location, and the specifics for each fundraiser.

Q: How do we package the shoes we collect?

A: It depends on your location and the kind of shoe drive you are scheduled to host.

If you are scheduled for a truck pick up, then you will need to bag the shoes. We recommend using large lawn and leaf type bags, (Hefty bags). Please put 25 pairs of shoes in each bag. This will make it easy to keep track of your pre-collection amount. Each bag will weigh approximately 25 pounds.

If you are scheduled for a mail in program, you will need to box up the shoes. Please pack in 18x18x24 boxes. Each box will hold about 50 pounds of shoes.

Q: Can we host a clothing drive?

A: Angel Bins offers fundraising through shoe drives. On occasion we offer clothing drives in Southern California as a limited time option. If you are interested in hosting a clothing drive, contact us to ask if there is a current promotion planned in your city.

Hosting a shoe drive fundraiser will be the best fundraiser you have ever done. With nothing to buy, nothing to sell, and no cost, its a winning solution to your budget needs. Contact us today to get started.