Frequently Asked Questions About Fundraising Initiatives

Below is a list of Angel Bins most frequently asked questions and Answers. If you have a question that is not answered below, feel free to contact us by visiting theContact Uspage.

What kind of fundraising drives do you offer?

Shoe drives have been the most successful fundraiser, generating the most funds while also being very popular.

We offer 4 different shoe drive options:

If you choose to host a mixed Shoe Drive, we will ask you to collect women's, men's, and children's shoes. We will accept a wide variety of shoes including tennis shoes, casual shoes, dress shoes, and any other type of shoe that is in a wearable condition. All shoes must come in pairs.

We also facilitate children's shoe drives, athletic shoe drives, and Fill-A-Truck shoe drives. For more informaion and to get started,Contact Us!

How frequently can I host a Fundraiser?

While it's entirely your decision as to how many times per year you want to host a Fundraiser, we recommend only twice per year (one at the beginning of the year and one towards the end) to get the best results.

Is there a cost associated?

No. Angel Bins offer NO COST fundraising solutions.

When will our charity receive our check?

You check will be issued within 3 weeks after your shoe drive is completed.

What happens to the shoes?

Once the shoes are received at the Los Angeles warehouse, they are processed for export to various countries in South America & Africa, where they create thousands of jobs for micro-entrepreneurs who resell them as a means of supporting their families. It's an amazing way to help so many people become self-sufficient and get them out of the poverty trap and on to a brighter path.