These days it’s becoming more challenging to start fundraising because everyone has to keep their distance from each other. That’s why receiving direct donations online is so vital to organizations and individuals looking to raise money.

With online donations, you can still showcase your cause while also avoiding actual physical contact. If your cause is detailed, engaging, and relevant, you’ll be able to make up for the funds lost due to social distancing

Donation Pages

Donation-Fundraising Ideas

Making a donation page is a fast fundraising idea for schools. With the challenge of today’s social climate, it can be hard to generate funds with minimal physical contact allowed. Donation pages are among the simplest fundraising ideas for social distancing. You’ll need to create a landing page dedicated to your cause that has a way for them to donate online directly. Your page needs to be easily readable but also dynamic so users can have flowing experience. As long as you stick with a smart and goal-focused marketing campaign, you’ll raise the funds you need!

A great way to increase awareness is through the use of social media. These days many platforms have integrated ways to send money between users directly. With the combination of a donation page and social media strategy, you’ll be able to stand out more and be more flexible with incorporating more content to suit your visitors’ needs!

Online Giving Site

Online Giving Site-Fundraising Ideas

Unlike singular donation pages, you can create entire websites dedicated to educating users on topics relative to a cause that will show them why they should donate. Giving sites are good fundraising ideas because they can be continuous. As long as the site is regularly updated and provides engaging content that guides the user to want to help, you’ll be able to raise funds year-round!

To begin using online giving sites and receiving money from users, you can let them know by using social media platforms! Facebook and Google provide excellent opportunities for new organizations to reach new users and create exposure!

If you’re looking for a more hands-on and community-based fundraising idea, check out Angel Bins and see how a shoe drive fundraiser can be the right fit for you!