The season of giving is upon us once again! As we wrap up this year, many would agree that it has been a challenging journey around the sun, to say the least. Business owners, frontline workers, medical staff, students, educators, and people from all walks of life have done their best to navigate the tumultuous environment that 2020 has catalyzed. This year has also created a tremendous opportunity to give back to those in need. Organizing a shoe drive with Angel Bins is an easy and unique form of fundraising that allow you to generate cash for your cause while making a global impact!  Now more than ever, in a season filled with bows and boxes, is a time that encourages and rewards thinking outside the box! 

Donate Used Shoes Easily with a Shoe Drive

Unique way of fundraising

The winter months are statistically shown to be the best time for raising funds and what better time than the season of giving to implement a few unique fundraising ideas! Embedded in American culture is the tradition of helping those downtrodden by poverty and doing so through hard work and innovation. 

Whether you are a member of your local PTA or a key component of a charitable organization, shoe drive fundraising is a great way to procure the funds necessary to support your cause while engaging with your community. 

According to the U.S. Department of the Interior, Americans throw away over 300 million pairs of shoes each year. Shoe drives are a great solution to minimize some of this waste while providing those in need with a tangible form of aid by saving some of these shoes that have been discarded as worthless, left to slowly decompose in a landfill somewhere. 

This unique form of fundraising encourages individuals and organizations to collect gently worn or new shoes, which Angel Bins will then pick up and pay for, endowing the organizer with the funds necessary to better support their cause. Many of us desire to give back to those less fortunate than ourselves but may struggle with the logistics of organizing such an endeavor.

In all likelihood, many can attest to the anxiety and level of meticulous planning that goes hand in hand with planning a holiday party or family gift exchange, let alone a fundraising event. The task of organizing and executing a shoe drive fundraiser successfully may seem daunting at first, largely due to the unfamiliarity experienced by those who are new to this type of fundraising. The good news is that not only is shoe drive fundraising easy and affordable, but it is something that anyone can learn to do.

Donate Used Shoes Easily with a Shoe Drive


Set a collection goal for your shoe drive:

No rewarding endeavor is complete without a goal in mind. Goal setting is crucial to success in many ways, the most important being that it establishes your long-term objective while providing short-term motivation.  Once you have a goal in mind for how many shoes you will need to collect it will be easier to allocate your time and resources properly throughout the course of your fundraiser. 

Donate Used Shoes Easily with a Shoe Drive


Timing is key

As previously mentioned the holiday season is a great time for fundraising because, in addition to the overwhelming atmosphere of generosity, people making fitness resolutions for the new year are often in the market for new shoes. If you’re looking for ideas on how to run a successful school fundraiser, back-to-school season is great because many kids will outgrow shoes and need a new pair. Any seasonal events that may somehow influence when people buy new shoes and discard old pairs, such as spring cleaning, are also things to keep in mind.

Donate Used Shoes Easily with a Shoe Drive


Establish a presence for your cause:

We live in an age ripe with technological innovation. The majority of Americans have within finger’s reach, an array of apps at our disposal that allow us to connect with and be a part of a community larger than any one individual. Many are familiar with crowdfunding and peer-to-peer platforms that have gained notoriety such as GoFundMe or Kickstarter which allow donors to stay informed and keep up with the causes that their contributions are supporting. Take advantage of the global reach that technology allows you and your message! Set up a Facebook page, make fliers, post on a local discussion board, or perhaps start a hashtag on Instagram or Twitter that will allow people to research your cause, connect, and get involved. Be diligent in your promotion, use eye-catching imagery to supplement your content, and don’t be shy to ask others to share your posts with their network!

Establish a presence for your cause

Be transparent and informative about your shoe drive:

The most successful campaigns on these platforms are often the most transparent, with a clear and concise message of what impact or service they hope to provide. Establishing a space online or in the real world where people can see what you are accomplishing will help you to reach your goal. 

When running a shoe drive it will be important to bolster the support of potential donors by building a trustworthy relationship. How will the money be spent? Where will the shoes go? Who or what am I helping? Building a message around these questions is important and will inform others of the benefits of donating to your cause.

Winter Ice Ball - Be Transparent

Giving a helping hand

Whether you are looking for ideas to enhance your efforts in school fundraising, church fundraising, or even raising money for medical expenses, shoe drives offer a unique, simple, and cheap solution to acquiring the funds you need to be impactful.

In addition to helping those in your immediate community, organizing a shoe drive with Angel Bins will also allow you to have an impact on a global scale. The shoes collected by Angel Bins are sent abroad and resold for profit by men and women in impoverished nations, allowing these micro-entrepreneurs to support themselves and their families. By supporting those oppressed by extreme poverty, your fundraiser is a step towards ending the cycle and creating new opportunities for people all over the world.  

In a season synonymous with selflessness, service, and community we should all take advantage of our ability to uplift those around us. Tis the season to give and to give back!

Written by: Max Weinstone