Successful fundraising ideas can start small.  Angel Bins Partners with many outstanding community outreach programs.  One very special program we work with is Precious Life Shelter.

In 2013, the director contacted Angel Bins to facilitate a clothes drive fundraiser.  We picked up gently used clothing and shoes that were donated from their community of supporters.  They received a check for a couple of hundred dollars to help them provide much needed services to adult women who need a safe and loving place to have a baby.  Precious Life Shelter’s clothing drive fundraising program has since grown to bi-monthly drives.  Angel Bins is proud of the work Precious Life Shelter does, and grateful they allow us to work with them.  Their volunteers  and staff have worked very hard developing their fundraising program.  The bi-monthly checks from their clothes drives, usually between $300 – $700, might not seem like much. However, as the numbers have been added up, and we see how much they have received, we see the importance of working hard and steadily to achieve fundraising goals. In 2014, Angel Bins fundraisers generated an amazing $15,488.30 for the Precious Life Shelter!  We would love to help your non-profit achieve this kind of fundraising success with Angel Bins unique fundraising ideas!