Celebrate DOGust by raising funds for your local animal shelter or pet rescue program.

What is DOGust? -If you adopted your dog from a shelter you probably don’t know your pets actual birthday. Many dogs that are abandoned at shelters come with limited or no information about their history. To assure that adopted dogs can celebrate their birthday, the North Shore Animal League of America established a universal birthday for shelter dogs on August 1st. Many organizations celebrate DOGust all month long.

Creating awareness about the need for loving homes for abandoned dogs is the main goal. With DOGust being featured on programs like Good Morning America, trending on Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram, the word is getting out!

Rescue program are constantly seeking sources of funding, volunteers, and adoptive families. Angel Bins has worked with many rescue organizations, foster programs, and shelters to help generate needed funds. One of the programs we have facilitated fundraisers with is Schnauzer Love Rescue:

Schnauzer Love Rescue Inc. is committed to proving loving homes to rescued schnauzers. This 501(c)(3) non profit organization is supported by community donations, and operated by passionate volunteers. Their mission is to “help abandoned and unwanted dogs and those who’s families relinquish their pet. They take great pride in their “Family Match Program” where they place available pets with the family that best matches the pet”…The time, and travel it takes “makes it is worth the effort in the end of having a happy owner and pet.”

Dena, an Atlanta area volunteer with SLR, contacted Angel Bins to inquire about hosting an Athletic Shoe Drive. Months later Schnauzer Love Rescue has raised nearly $5,000.00 by simply collecting unwanted athletic shoes. -These “rescued” shoes will be received by our warehouse for processing and then shipped to countries in South America and Africa to help impoverished communities create and build micro-enterprise to support their families. At the same time these shoe donations will be helping Schnauzer Love Rescue raise needed funds.

If you volunteer at shelter, “Thank you!”

If you adopt a dog this DOGust, “Thank you! And happy birthday to your new companion”.

And if you are seeking a fundraiser, please contact us, we love to help!

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