What happens to the stuff?

Angel_Bins_Got_ShoesAngel Bins began as a unique fundraising idea when the owner of Samiyatex, a recycling warehouse, envisioned a better solution for school fundraising. The Los Angeles business, had been purchasing unwanted clothing and shoes from thrift shops for over 2 decades: Why not offer the same to schools? In 2012 Angel Bins, was established as the company’s philanthropic branch, and began offering no cost recycling fundraisers.

Clothing, shoes, toys, and other textiles from Angel Bins fundraisers are sorted and processed at Samiyatex. Most items will be packed and sent abroad to developing nations, including Chile, Peru, Congo, Malawi, Zambia, Philippines, and more. There is great demand for quality clothing and shoes as a low cost alternative to new. Other items in stained, or damaged condition can be recycled to make yarn, wiping rags, and insulation.

AngelBinsFundraisingQuoteWith Angel Bins fundraising not only does your charity benefit by raising needed funds, but the ripple expands, to provide a source of quality clothing and shoes for others, re-use and recycling to reduce waste, and creating multiple jobs in the US and abroad.