Shoes That Don’t Fit or You Don’t Wear Create Funds

Like many of our readers, I look forward to daily emails from Pinterest. I enjoy the cleaver photos, the cool quotes, and of course great ideas. Today in my inbox the trending pin,”150 Things to Throw Away Today: (To Clear Your Mind and Soul)”. Perfect timing, just this morning, decluttering was added to my “to do” list. I clicked on the pin and read through Katherine Hurts’checklist. When I got to the part on cleaning out your wardrobe, her list included “shoes that don’t fit or that you don’t wear”…something we don’t often think about.

Why not clean out the unwanted shoes from your closet?

Better yet, why not clean out your closet as a fundraiser for your children’s school or team?

When you host an Angel Bins Shoe drive fundraiser, simply ask your supporters to clean out their closets and donate their unwanted shoes, that have likely been cluttering their closets for years:

…The shoes that you bought on a clearance sale, but are too small.

…That pair of shoes that hurts your feet.

…The colorful running shoes that don’t match your work-out gear.

…And the list goes on…

In winter months, with rainy or snowy days ahead, we are more likely to find time to clean our closets. You can clear closet clutter as an opportunity to raise funds for your cause!

Shoes that don’t fit or you don’t wear create cash for your cause.

Angel Bins can help you create cash for unwanted shoes. Contact us today at 888-924-1110 to get started.