Angel Bins Athletic Shoe Drive Fundraiser is an awesome way to raise funds

The Angel Bins team is always finding great ways to help your school, church, team or charity. In this blog, we will be showcasing Angel Bins Athletic Shoe Drive fundraiser. We came up with this unique idea last year after discussing the global need for quality shoes. From a public health perspective as well as practicality, Athletic Shoes offer the best footwear protection, and are in the highest demand. By hosting an Athletic Shoe Drive you will help supply shoes to developing areas of South America and Africa while raising funds for your cause.


So how does an Athletic Shoe Drive Fundraiser work? Simply ask your friends, neighbors, co-worker, and supporters to clean out their closets (or gym), and collect gently-used athletic shoes. Angel Bins will pay your organization per pound! For example, with 2,000 pounds of athletic shoes, you’ll receive a check for $3,000!

  1. Before you get started, contact Angel Bins for details, and to set up your fundraiser.
  2. Collect Athletic Shoes
  3. Receive your check

Can my organization host an athletic shoe drive? -This is a commonly asked question. If your cause is charitable and you are motivated, we can help. We have facilitated Athletic Shoe Drives for Adoption Fundraisers, Soccer Teams, Dance Teams, Marching Bands, Softball Teams, Track Teams, Churches, Missionaries, and more…

MVHS Track team hosted an athletic shoe drive raising and raised $2,044.00

The Running Center Store collected athletic shoes to support granting a wish for the Make A Wish Foundation

Shoe In Running Center Event

Please contact Angel Bins to host your Athletic Shoe Drive Fundraiser.