Team Sachs

This summer, as a father was playing in the Huntington Beach waves with his daughter, his life was changed dramatically. Jeff was diving into the waves, as most of us have done many times, somehow injured himself,

What do you recycle?

When you think of recycling, you probably automatically think of glass, plastic,and aluminum. The next thing that comes to mind is e-waste, cardboard and metal. Do you ever wonder what happens to discarded textiles? According the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), 2 million tons, or only 15% of all clothing is currently being re-used or recycled.…

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An introduction

Have you ever wondered how Angel Bins started?   Here’s the story!   There were two motivating factors that started it all.   1. Charities and non profits are always struggling to raise money. Not everyone has   money to donate to their favorite charities and non profits.   2. People do always have clothing…