Who is Bonnie?

IMG_0014 Bonnie VanschindelMeet Bonnie Vanschindel, Bonnie is part of an political organization that hosts fundraisers to collect money for much needed causes!

By day, Bonnie helps run her organization and is heavily involved in her community. By night, she collects shoes to help High School students reach their goals in hopes to pay for college one day. This was her second time hosting an Angel Bins Fundraiser. With that, Bonnie managed to collect over 2,000+ pounds of shoes! The funds that she received through Angel Bins was put into a foundation that grants scholarships to her local High School in La Habra, California. Bonnie awards over $2,000 in scholarships. But wait, it doesn’t stop there! Bonnie also makes sure that $1,000 of those proceeds also go towards buying diapers for young single mothers who are in need of some assistance.

The difference that Bonnie makes hosting an Angel Bins drive is truly remarkable. Not only is she doing greatness in her community, but she also is helping hundreds of people around the world receive a very much needed pair of shoes. When you host an Angel Bins Fundraiser, you can be making all the difference in the world. Those very shoes that Bonnie collected are sent to places like Africa, South America and Central America. Particularly, they are currently on the feet of those who don’t have the luxury of owning multiple pairs of shoes. For one thing, Bonnie knows this and is the reason why Angel Bins has the opportunity to do what we do. Helping those in need!

Ways to Collect More Shoes

During our pick up, Bonnie shared her clever tips on how to run a successful fundraiser.

Tip #1 You can’t do this alone. Get people to help you out!

Tip #2 Go around your neighborhood, pass flyers and a trash bag to have them collect old unwanted shoes for your cause!

Tip #3 Go around town and look for yard sales! (most of the time, people will just hand over unsold shoes to your cause)

Tip #4 Let people know that your shoes aren’t only helping your organization, but they are also sent all over the world to help those in need.

Tip #5 If someone you know has passed, offer to pick up their old shoes. Not only will you help with clutter, they will be used for good.

These tips will help ensure the best possible outcome for your shoe fundraiser.

Meeting Bonnie for the first time we were so infatuated by her great spirit. Not only did she have a great soul, but she was also full of happiness and laughter. It is people like her, who make all the difference in the world. Furthermore, A true Angel Bins Angel.