About Angel Bins Recycling & Fundraising

Angel Bins is a for-profit recycling company that helps schools and other charitable organizations raise money through the recycling of shoes. Angel Bins was created as a common sense solution to an increasingly challenging problem of having too much junk and nowhere to put it. We recognize that there are many recycling options out there today but what makes Angel Bins different is the following:

You charitable cause is our purpose

Angel Bins offers recycling fundraisers to schools and charitable organizations. We know that our schools and local charities struggle due to significant funding cutbacks. Angel Bins offers a win-win community solution to help give back, and help you raise needed funds.

Funds raised are just the first ripple of benefits: Items in good condition are exported to developing nations meeting the demand for quality shoes at a low cost; waste is deferred from landfills; and numerous employment opportunities are created both in the U.S., and abroad.

Angel Bins offers NO COST recycling fundraisers: Our nonprofit partners are not required to buy or sell anything. As a partner, all you have to do is encourage your supporters to clean out their closets and donate shoes in support of your cause. Angel Bins' team is passionate about making a difference. We know there are countless organizations that can benefit from Angel Bins free and eco friendly fundraising solution.

Pay It Forward By
Giving It Back

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